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To share access to account

Hi guys,

How can I give the access to my account for my colleague?
he has his own account but I need to share access exactly to mine.

Thanks in advance

To avoid any potential problems, that’s a question for CS! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why you want to give your account access to your colleague? Do you give your bank account access also to your colleague :smile:

Thanks for smart comment. Bank account it is bank account here is working account, where we are hiring

Sorry - you said ‘account’ - I presumed you meant a Fiverr account as you didn’t mention the word ‘bank’ anywhere.

That was not my intention.

Maybe ask your bank?

Don’t do that, Most definitely your account will be disabled permanently by trust and safety team.

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I meant exactly fiverr account. We are hiring not delivering orders. I need to share access to my fiverr account that colleague could hire freelancers without me.

So it’s not a bank account, it’s a Fiverr account.

My initial suggestion still stands - to keep you both in the clear, ask CS.

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whether you are hiring or selling, i assume the situation will be the same. Because it is clearly mentioned one account for one physical location or person in terms of services. better contacting support before jumping into it.


Thank you, guys.:slightly_smiling_face: