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To take a screenshot showing my gigs on fiverr wouldn't I have to be online?

I got a response that confuses me from CS.

checked on the one on the left, and under your username, there is no indicator that you are online. In the screenshot on the right, it is evident that you are online.

How would I even be able to take a screenshot of what I am seeing when I look at the page my gigs are on if I’m not online? Does this make sense, that I can take a screenshot of what I’m seeing but not be online?

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with magic i should think

i think it hows you as offline if you’ve been inactive for a while though, although being online would be important for bringing the page up in the first place

i’m not sure of the context

So fun, Miss C - to show when you’re not online, you have to close your normal browser, which will take you offline as far as fiverr is concerned (or sign out). Then open a private browser, don’t sign in, then go to your profile and take a screenshot of it. That will show you offline.

Simples …

You won the forum today


I was online for both screenshots.

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My issue is that when I turned on the button to show gigs of sellers who are online,
it did not show my gigs.

I’m sure that when I’m online and click the button to show gigs of sellers who are online my gigs should show.

That’s very weird … but this is Fiverr, so … quite a lot of their things turn out weird …


It compounds the frustration when I can’t make CS understand even with the screenshots. I don’t know if he isn’t familiar with what I’m talking about or wants to
make it somehow that I am not doing something right, or what exactly. I guess I will give up. It’s hopeless.

I think we have to accept the algorithm still isn’t perfect. But CS isn’t allowed to say that … or even think it!

Unless your orders are being affected, it’s probably just as well to move on …


Not a big problem…

I get orders a lot when I’m online and shown as online. That’s why it’s important but it doesn’t seem like I can get it corrected.

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Now it’s working! Problem solved. Posting this on the forum worked.

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