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To West Indies Supporters on Fiverr

Congratulations :slight_smile: Good luck against England in the final!

I’ll be the first (and probably the only one) to reply… Thanks, I’m no cricket fan but I saw my Facebook friends all happy n’ stuff. :slight_smile:

Thank you Writer99025!!!
I actually came on to Fiverr to see if you posted anything.

And you are not the only West Indian on here Idostuf4u.

Hello from another Trini.

LOL… Indians don’t mind losing to West Indies…we hate losing to Australia, Pakistan and England. West Indies players are really popular here, they play in the IPL, so they in India for 3 months every year. They are friendly, humble and don’t look down upon Indian fans. So trust me, we are fine with losing to you guys :slight_smile:

Well, you should watch West Indies take on England in the final - most of India will be cheering for Chris Gayle and the boys!

I just think your captain Darren Sammy is dragging you down…doesn’t bowl, bats at number 9…what’s he doing in such a talented team? So because of him, West Indies play with 10 men, and they still are the favorites to win the World Cup :slight_smile:

I wasn’t expecting a Trinidadian to reply (your profile says Germany) I was expecting a Jamaican or Barbadian :slight_smile:

Good to know you’re here to represent @steixeira

I live in Germany but I am originally from Trinidad.

In the Caribbean and especially in Trinidad and Tobago we have lots of Indians who came as indentured workers back in the day. The players probably feel at home when they are in India. Plus the food is similar.