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To whom it be concerned

I was surprised that someone could access my account without my authorisation. My fund was withdrew and crazy messages was sent to people. How do I make the admin know that I didn’t do that. My badges are taken off. Please help if you have experienced something similar before.

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The title of this post, as well as the post itself, is extremely generic.

Please stop wasting the precious time of other forum users and get straight to the point. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for editing your post to include more info.

Do you have access to your account? If so, change the password ASAP and enable 2-factor authentication. You should also contact CS and let them know that your account was possibly hacked. You will have to prove your identity to them by answering the security question that you had set up while creating your Fiverr account.


Did you read my message at all?

Thanks. I contacted the CS immediately and I got him also on payoneer, trying to clear my funds that he withdrew on fiverr. I quickly made a call to their cs too to stop his pending withdrawal. But fiverr’s team needs to understand that I did not do such. I know the rules

It would be a good idea to check your computer for keyloggers/viruses etc.


How will I do that please?

You could get a good virus scanner (either paid or free), from the official site and check your PC with it.


:arrow_up: It’s a sound advice, however it’s possible that the computer has been hacked and someone has gained remote access to it. I would disconnect it from the network. As for the malware scanner/removal tool, Norton Power Eraser aka NPE is terrific and absolutely free.


I appreciate all concern. I will get that asap

To whom it may concern, not “To whom it be concerned.”


I don’t think its time for fishing the grammatical errors, it’s a fact of communication (my personal opinion)… @humanissocial
nothing personal, ma’am …

These kinds of errors can create an impression of poor communication skills and a lack of care.


thank. it’s notable. I’ll keep it in my mind… @humanissocial

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