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To Whomsoever It May Concern

#1: Inbox is for work, not for chat

#2: I can’t help you set up your gig

#3: I can’t help you even if you have two little children

#4: Please don’t try to sell me your gigs

#5: I am not your friend, I have no interest in your life story.

#6: Please check Fiverr Academy and read Fiverr ToS.

#7: Stop saying “Hello” and “Hi” to me.

Thank you.

#7: Stop saying “Hello” and “Hi” to me.
This. And everything else is spot on. There are less and less buyers and more and more of that kind of sellers.

  1. don’t call the nice person you just spammed a whoreson when you don’t get what you want

Yeah, there are more sellers than buyers on Fiverr right now. I’ve been observing this for the last few months. Is Fiverr becoming a victim of its own success? I don’t know.

Well, at least that guy reached level 1…

there needs to a be a disclaimer on the inbox telling people it is not facebook.

Don’t send dirty words and messages to my inbox- this means you middle eastern guys.

You’re right, it’s been going on for a while. Hopefully the site will soon be working nicely and without much downtime and then we might see a few more buyers here.

@emmaki Someone called you that? They must have pulled the dictionary out for that one. I hope you reported them.

  1. Stop saying “Hi, you there? Hello? We need to work fast on this one. Will you answer please?”

All you do is waste my mental energy on having to think of a PC way to tell you to go and lobotomize yourself with a rusty coat hanger.

  1. Yes, it is spam if you contact me and invite me to have a look at your gigs, even if you are a fellow Fiverr Seller. Stop spamming me with more spam trying to argue that it’s not!

Nah, I just bring it up every time he makes a post congratulating himself on his massive success. He hates me now! I may report him when he hits level 2 though.

Hope you read that Sarwar. Revenge is a dish best served cold and all that.

I want a girl to have sex with me

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R u busy

Yes I am.

Have u read my msgs

Ok reply me when ur ready plz thnx


U still busy
REPORTED 10:13JUNE 28, 2016


Might as well vent with a punching bag because all of those things will continue to happen. This is inevitable if you continue interacting with other people for anything related to work.

Want peace? Leave the city, move to the jungle and collect berries for breakfast.

I agree with most of those issues. The problem is that most customers are going to be offended way faster than they will be willing to hear your side of the story.

The “hello” and “hi” is quite frequent. My guess is that they want to avoid wasting time typing much more to find out if you are online or not. Thankfully, we do have those handy pre-written messages now. The good old “Hello, how can I help you?” should suffice.

PS: With that said, we can all go back to the joy of the perpetual mouse wheel we call life. Also, try the punching bag, it works!

Want peace? Leave the city, move to the jungle and collect berries for breakfast. I think about living this way all the time but I am addicted to indoor plumbing.

Yep, that is a deal breaker.


That’s insane.

I’d personally add:
#10 It would be better if you don’t call the person “dear” or “friend” when first contacting them.
It might be a cultural thing, but I tend to cringe when I get “Hi dear” “Hi friend!” in my inbox.
I don’t mind a “Hey there buddy/bro, I’m back for another order!” after 20 orders from the same
person though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, “dear” creeps me out. It’s the kind of think your stalker texts you with when they are about to reveal that they have been living behind your sofa for the past two days and would like to take the relationship to the next level finally.

Good luck with that, considering that they’ve added emojis as an option. :smiley: