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To withdraw my offer or wait for buyer to accept?

Yesterday morning I received a message from a buyer asking if I could write two letters for him/her. I told them I could, asked them the purpose of the letters, when they needed them and if they would provide more detail than they initially did. It took several hours for them to answer my question and then only said “Tuesday”. I then asked them to please provide more detail so that I could effectively and accurately write these letters. They said they would send the details when they got home. That was around 7:00 last night and I still haven’t gotten any feedback and they haven’t been online since then. I’m starting to feel something isn’t right about this. The letters he/she needs are legal letters. Now, while I can write them, I’m beginning to think I should withdraw my offer. Does anyone have any advice??

I do stand to make a nice payment from this but, again, I don’t feel right about it.

Yes withdraw your offer.

You can’t write letters for anyone without knowing what the letters are about.

Thank you misscrystal. I did withdraw my offer. I didn’t like that they wasted a lot of time, not giving the information that was needed. With these being legal letters that’s a bit suspicious and I’m not going to rush to make a Tuesday deadline with such an order. I’ll get other orders, so it’s a lesson learned, anyway.