To work or Not to work over the holidays


The days leading up to Christmas and New Years, starting with Thanksgiving are the biggest holidays of the year in the United States. Most people in the states enjoy time off with friends, family or just decompress with some quiet time.

Here comes the but . . . Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving & Christmas. This being an international platform, I’m curious to know how many of you are planning to work this weekend up to New Years Day?

    • I am working Christmas Day
    • I am working New Year’s Day
    • I am working both Christmas & New Year
    • I am taking some much needed R & R with friends/family (not working)
    • I haven’t decided

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I always say I’ll take the day off, but I end up working a little bit anyway. :blush:


I get the feeling that’s typical with most freelancers. :slight_smile:


I was planning to take New Years day off and celebrate it with my friends. But it seems that not only I’ll be working on Christmas, I’ll work on New Year’s eve as well. I gotta get those stats upwards before the evaluation date. :sob: I might sneak few hours tho to meet up with them.


You are young, enjoy being young. I won’t tell you what to do, but whatever decision you make, ensure you won’t look back and regret it.

Remember evaluation won’t happen until mid January. :blush:

:heart: , G.


Rough translation - leave the work and go out and enjoy yourself! :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously - do!


When my sons went off to college, I told them to work hard but remember to take time to have fun and enjoy your college years. Now that I am older and look back on my life, I do not think, I wish I had worked more. I think I wish I had played more and did more of the fun things I am physically unable to do now.


The main issue here is, I’m now taking my mid-year exams. Which will end on January 17. So I’ll try to pack as much work & studying in the few days left before New Year’s eve as I can so I could be able to sneak some time to celebrate this event with my friends.

@vickiespencer your comments usually enthusiasm & inspire me. I don’t want to regret the fact that I didn’t celebrate New Year’s eve. (As I probably did in 2017). So hopefully I’ll get extra productive these days and finish up all of what i have in the to-do list. So I could be able to take a three days break.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! :sunny:


Whats this strange rumor about life outside the workshop? Sounds a bit sci-fi to me.


You too Youssef, however you decide to spend it! :santa: :christmas_tree:


Thank you Youssef. It sounds like you are getting a double whammy with mid-year exams and the dreaded Fiverr day of reckoning. Good luck to you and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!


I will try to visit a couple of Churches in my area, on the Christmas Eve. Those buildings present some majestic and breathtaking scenes during this time of the year. Especially if you visit them at night, then you are in for a treat. One thing I particularly like about the Pakistani Churches is how beautifully structured and well-maintained they are.
So my Christmas will most likely be spent travelling to Churches and enjoying Christmas with some of my friends and Christian locals in the neighbourhood.


What a fantastic idea. That sounds awesome! I hope you have a great time. :grinning:

Well, I’m taking Christmas Eve/Christmas off from work, internet, text, phone ---- it’s gonna be an electronic free two or three days for me!


I’m finishing a project due tomorrow and then I’m off for the weekend. I might work a little from 26th-29th but after that I’m resting again.

That Christmas/New Year’s dinner isn’t cooking itself!


So far,

  • 68% of you are working Christmas.

  • 39% of you are working New Years - if you use A.N. - You should have the market cornered.

    While all your competitors are nursing their hangover, you can steal all their best clients, get huge tips and make 6 figures. Before you know it, there will be a special category labeled, Mega Rated Pro Seller with “Red” badge. :grin:


Hangover? I think i might suffer from that right now, is it when you take a break and realize its 3am (told the missus y-day morning you’d be home by 8), and your still at the “office” yelling at some fiberglass hoping that will make it cure faster while checking in on fiverr forums (a platform where you dont even work anymore).

I usually use holidays to work on things that require the clients to be away, most people go on trips to visit family etc. This Christmas i’m restoring a mural for a client while their on a trip.


I will work about 90 minutes each day for the next 2 weeks. It is too much of a hassle to try to literally take particular days off. It is too difficult to get everything stopped only to have to start it back.

We will also be traveling out of state Friday-Monday. I will have my laptop.

I wake up at 6am. My wife wakes up at noon. When I work it doesn’t affect anyone on the trip.

Try enjoying what you do and spend time with the people around you every week of the year. Then you won’t be stressed out about needing a holiday.


I will be working on the 25th, but I will have a nice dinner with my friends after that.
Don’t have any plans for the winter break so I’ll be home all the time and my gigs would not be paused, so if I get orders that’s what I’ll be working on. :slight_smile:

I do sometimes pause my gigs during the winter but since my orders are a bit dry this month I’ll leave it activated. Might as well hope for some extra few gigs before that evaluation day!


Ahh, Christmas - some warm nog with a nip of liquor in one hand and artistically drawing a Santa with my other hand ---- oh, wait, I forgot, I can’t draw!! :grin::grin:

Got myself confused with you!! :heart::blush:

I hope Santa brings you some good buyers and put them in the large red stocking hung by your fireplace… :wink:


I’ve been pretty nice to others overall this year, so yes, I’m hoping Santa will drop by and place some lovely orders in my stocking, hehehe.
It would be nice if I am asked to draw a Santa though, I’ve worked on Chrismtas images of people in Santa/elf outfits etc, but not an actual Santa.:christmas_tree: