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🔥 Today a client ruined my account ⛔

Today a client ruined my account :rage: he bought a gig that I have to deliver 1 banner with 1 correction and 1 jpg (basic)
in the briefing he puts that need a banner with a minimalist mountain, only with the contours in navy blue, covering the entire width of the banner.

:white_check_mark: So far, everything is perfect, a vectorization job.
I do it and deliver it on time as it should be.
I even gave him more files, some with different shades, with more and less line thickness, anyway, I made him like 4 more samples, the truth is that it does not take me any time to do them, it is just to put more thickness on the line or shadow … nothing

:broken_heart: It turns out that he accepts it and gives it as completed and gives me 2 and 3 stars in the review. :star::star::star:
I look at this result and more than surprised because he didn’t say anything at all to me. He only rate me very poorly.

I asked him why he had not asked for a correction (because he had 1 in the gig) and correct what he did not like.
The work was really very good quality and I was very surprised.

When he replies he tells me this… - “sorry, i dont use fiverr much so i dont know when i have revisions and how much you can customize something” -


  • “but if you could remake the logo and add my brand name I would appreciate it” blablabla … " thank you!" -

To all this, he asks me to do the job again and to put his logo name on the banenr because he forgot to tell me …

:slightly_frowning_face: I do not know what to do with this now … unfortunately surely nothing, I already have that rating. It has ruined me

This happens when customers buy without consulting.
You write to them and they don’t respond.
They are new and do not know how to manage on the site ( also they do not want to learn because they do not answer what you write and ask them)

:blush: I needed to get this out of me,
:+1: you have to keep looking forward and keep working.
:star: 1 review will not dictate who I am or how I am.



Maybe you can try adding to you delivery message at the end something like: “please let me know if you would like to add minor changes as we have x revisions included”?

I’m sure it will help avoiding situations where buyers don’t know what they entitled to even if it’s not requesting revisions at all or asking for too many revisions than included in the order.


Yes it may help and is a good idea, but I don’t think they even read that message…

vector jobs are the hardest to get 5stars,


I can say that in 97% of cases I don’t have any problems with revisions since I started adding that message. (and after every other revision mentioning how many revisions left and if this is the last free revision)


I usually put in the delivery message: “please use the revision button if you have any remarks or suggestions”

But yes, some buyers are a potential hazard only because they don’t know how to use the website, even though they have good intentions.

Three stars is not THAT bad. You will recover easier than having one star. You can add a comment on his rating stating politely that he hasn’t used the revisions.

I would have consulted the Customer Support first before contacting the client, because contacting a buyer and making him feel guilty about a rating may earn you a warning from CS. So in this situation it is better not to talk to them.

Now you can either block him and be done with it, or you can ask for some money to implement the change through another order.


Hi :slight_smile: I know it’s a bad experience. Even me faced so many situations but don’t worry. I think the best way is ending the finished design and communicate with the buyer and make some revisions before the final delivery. Best of Luck!!!

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I will definitely try that

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While your frustration is warranted of course, this hasn’t “ruined” your account. All businesses go through similar things.


I had a buyer once Give me 3 stars but say everything was good and then never logging into fiverr ever again…

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I read your post more than once since today I have a similar situation going on.
If we are going to become GREAT we must learn how to deal with negativity. In your case negativity happened as maybe part of lack of knowledge from the user but there is all kind of negativity out there, some even from pure jealousy and spite.
We should learn how to pick out negative remarks that are constructive criticism and use it to improve ourselfs and all rest Ignore, ignore ignore.

Yes, this will look bad but if you look at humanissocial, and lenasemenkova and many other high profile Fiver users and read their 1 star feedback you will see the otter nonsense in them and they managed to strive their business in spite those 1-star feedback.

So, forgive, don’t forget and move on with your head high, you did your best and that is what matters.


Your client seems to be like 16-18 year old.

It is likely he knows how Fiverr works as he is seller too.

Just move on.

Don’t forget that you can respond to the feedback to give your side of the story. Your response remains public, so any future potential buyers checking out your profile will see what you’ve written. For example you could respond with something like:

“The buyer did not ask for any revisions, despite the gig including them, and he accepted the delivery. As far as I knew, the buyer was happy with the delivery. Had he communicated, I would of course have worked hard to resolve any issues. It’s a shame as I truly value my clients and want them to be satisfied.”

This is a tough thing to experience, but you will recover from it.


sorry to hear your experience :disappointed:
There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in ! :sunrise:
it’s a part of any sort of business.
leave it! Go ahead :+1:


it might be just me… but I don’t see that review on your account

I saw it now , it’s 3.3 stars… that’s not very bad , easy to correct in a month

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Don’t worry about the Review …
Keep up the good Works and Move forward…
Its all Part of Fiverr … Accept it and move forward …

Make sure you describe that you did the Right job and Still Got bad review in buyers Response


Damn. In my opinion, you should always send progress to the client first and let them know they can make revisions to it before you use the Delivery option. Most of the time, I woul have sent the file already to the client and they would have approved before I make the final delivery.

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:arrow_right: Exactly, he is a child that incredible I doubt that he has done it without intention.
It often happens that they don’t mind ruining the reputation on other people just for fun.

it’s already over, stepped on.
Luckily I was able to place 2 reviews out of 5 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: above

Thanks for your advice, i want to tell you I´m already using this that you told me and modify my gigs. Thanks a lot

Awesome, Man. Keep doing great work! CHeers

I’m going to hire you to write something if one day I have to, you’re the best!!