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Today A seller tricked me :'(


As a new seller i didn’t know all the tos (Terms and services) of fiverr .

Fiverr restricted us to do work before we got the order.It’s really a friendly Rule for both side. i highly appreciated this.

everyone should read all the tos at least once.

Today a Client knocked me and ask me to redesign some issues on his website.We talked and he agreed.When i asked for his website’s dashboard access,he denied and said me that he don’t want many developers work on his site at a same time.Then i consider his matter and worked on it.He liked the project that i done for him and then he said to give me less money than that of the amount he promised me to pay.

Please everyone be careful,Be respectful to fiverr,Read fiverr’s Tos

Thank You


The client is supposed to order before you begin working on the project.


If the buyer did not place an order before you begin to work, I’m sorry you just made a free work… It is advisable for you to just accept the little fee he pays you or you get nothing… This is just a lesson for you


That is really very sad :frowning:


Be careful next time.


A seller tricked you? It seems to me a buyer tricked you. The people who buy from you are clients, also known as buyers.

If a client wants a redesign, send him a custom offer, but make sure you state your requirements before you do. Maybe get access before sending the custom offer.

Also, don’t trust anyone who offers a big tip if they like your work. That’s the oldest con in the book, big tips are not guaranteed.