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Today first time i got tos violation warning

Today i got tos violation message which i am pretty surprised about i think i got this because of i use a auto refresher do anyone got an warning because of using auto refresher???


Why use auto refresher?
You can get an easy 200 impressions a day with a good gig.

Also a auto refresher wont help you get accurate statistics which is crucial in helping you understand your gig better


They should’ve wrote in the email why you got a warning.

Please stop spreading this nonsense that people need to “stay online”. That doesn’t make any difference and will only get your clients mad if it shows you online but you wouldn’t reply because you are actually not there.


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


Using an auto refresher is not a good idea. Why would you trick people that you are online when you are not. Honestly, as a buyer, I would ignore people that I see online all the time. It feels fishy to me, no one can work 24/7, so either they use some sort of trick or they outsource their content. Regardless, I would stay away. So in your quest to trick the system, all you are doing is you’re damaging your reputation and chances of getting sales, imho.


In addition to what @mariashtelle1 advised getting a warning risks your account and is something to be worried about.


I don’t prefer to use auto-refresh.
This means that you are showing yourself at the desk rather than at the work desk. It is definitely against the policy.
So I suggested not to use it.

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@paponword2430 - sellers have been banned for using autorefresh add ons to their browsers.

You’re very lucky to have got away with just a warning. Don’t do it.


Thank for you sharing knowledge!

ah i only use this when im at home or beside the computer…sometimes i forget to refresh the page thats why i use it…now it seems i cant

i only use it when im active personally as i sometime forget to refresh the page when im watching tutorial etc…

There goes my good days dont wanna lose this id ill have to stop it

Bro then does people manually refresh the page everytime to show they are active…if i refresh page one time then for how long fiverr will show me active…Do you know that

Try to following fiverr terms and conditions and run your fiverr accounts smoothly

I think there is no need to ‘look’ online…just keep the quality of gigs your top priority.


No need that at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Try to flowing terms and condition of Fiverr.

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Don’t use auto refresher if feel your account is in threat

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Hey, avoid those extensions… Your profile is most important by the way


Using auto refresher isn’t a good idea. You are human. you can’t stay online for 24/7. Just find out your target customer and stay online based on their schedule