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Today first time i got tos violation warning

I never use any plugin but I actually in real stay in front of my laptop every time, hours of hours and keep refreshing pages manually every 5 minutes. It takes alot of efforts to do real work. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure an auto refresher will not help your stats in anyway.
Like YouTube
1 IP address = 1 View

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The warnings stay, though. They may no longer count for evaluation, but they’re not removed from your account, and another warning or two could get you a permanent ban.


You are right. We’re human. We cannot be awaked 24 hours.

I will suggest you not to use an auto refresher.

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thanks a lot for share it

but how can i stay online at night because i am from bangladesh and my targeted buyers lives in USA ,UK,Canada etc etc…When i go to sleep they wake up because we live two opposite side of world.

Staying online doesn’t make any difference! And even if it does, is it worth getting banned and losing your account forever?

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Can you confirm if it was because of the use of extension? Does the warning mail says that it was because of it?

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Definitely , I am agree on this point as well.

Yes You are right. This is a good point.

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@rakinraihan208 please see the post