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Today Fiverr customer care give warning


This is my first warning


Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page to ensure that you do not get any more warnings.



Was there something you wanted to say or ask? Or did you just want to inform the community that you broke the rules and received a warning?


Posts saying that they received their first order are normal but a first warning, that’s quite new.


heheee lol… :joy:


Bro never deliver order without attachment :slight_smile:
Dont worry its your first warning


Actually, this can be a problem. There is no set number of warnings. A lot of people say that it takes 3 to cause a problem and it is uncommon to get 3 or more without being banned or demoted. Some sellers have been demoted or banned with 1 warning. I’m just explaining this because some sellers might take “don’t worry” as literal advice.


And boring, and clogging the forum, and making it harder to find something useful, or at least interesting.


Don’t worry brother! Don’t deliver orders completing the work :slightly_smiling_face: Work hard. All the best!


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Never deliver incomplete work its against fiverr rules your buyer will report to CS. If the buyer didn’t provide complete requirements you can ask for an extension.

You are not allowed to use the delivery button to stop the time, only use it when delivering the complete works, otherwise, it is a false delivery and a violation.


A warning’s lifespan is 90 days from the day a warning is received.
If someone gets 2 warnings after the first one within this lifespan, they get banned.
It does not have to be hacking or whatever.

Simply put:
Get 3 warnings within a period of 90 days for any reason, kiss your profile bye bye.


Sorry, you are wrong. I read more forum posts than most users and I can guarantee you that people have been banned for simple reasons. There is no guarantee you will get more than one warning. Some sellers get lucky and they Get multiple warnings first. Some sellers aren’t that lucky. I’m correcting you to prevent other readers from thinking they are safe with any sort of rule violation.

This is usually true (even for simple violations) but no one is guaranteed even 3 chances.

@creativeboymk I’m not debating you further, but what I’ve stated is correct.


I don’t think it is as rigid as that. Fiverr penalizes users on a case by case basis. Depending on the severity of the violation, Fiverr might even ban a user after just 1 or 2 ToS warnings (even when the duration between 2 consecutive warnings was more than 90 days). There have been cases where Fiverr has banned users without even issuing a single warning prior to the ban.

Besides, ToS violations remain on your account forever. The 30/60/90 day period is only used to assess your eligibility for retaining your current level/promotion to the next level. :smile:


I am aware of that, and I know that one can get banned from their first warning depending on the severity. But in normal cases what I said is true regarding the 3 warnings. Ask CS yourself.

Wrong. The 30 days period is only about the level.
The 90 days period where if you collect 3 warnings gets you banned is 100% correct info as per what CS informed me, I will post a picture.
After the 90 days, the warning remains in their data base, but it won’t affect the count of warnings received if another violation is done after this period.



I was asking when will the warning be removed.


That’s interesting.

There have been sellers who’ve come to the forum saying they’ve been banned from Fiverr for receiving their second warning and that they had received their first warning more than 6 months back. The credibility of this info. (that I’d gleaned from the abovementioned sellers’ posts) is debatable, though.

So, I do think Fiverr takes into consideration any warnings/ToS violations the seller might have in their record (database)… irrespective of the duration in between them.

However, I do understand that there is no refuting the info. that’s been provided by CS themselves. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As said earlier, there is no guarantee when/if a user is banned.
These cases’ severity levels might have been major.

All of my discussion (about 90 days period) and provided info from CS was regarding low level violations.

See Image


Either way… irrespective of whether or not the warnings “expire” after 90 days, I think I am better off not violating the ToS (in a “minor” way) every 90 days or so; I’m happy not receiving any warnings in the first place. :slight_smile:

I hope the other sellers don’t take this an invitation to violate the ToS every 90 days and to test their “limits,” so to speak. :smiley:


If a user got 1st warning means he only have 2 chance’s.
After 90 days does fiverr will remove the active warning and will give him 3 more chance ?