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Today i am bad experience from Buyer

Buyer give a order and he told that he add 10 slider and 2 banner in his site.I do this,Then he tell me He change theme I change his theme perfectly,then he told me it is good,then i see he all function delete in his site ,and he told me you deliver our work,

i deliver this ,but he left 2.3 Reviews…this is so bad experience for me.

I all work his requirement.


Rating are given based on the service provided. First of all, work on your English Language. Your english is poor, and buyer might have given 2 star on communication skills. Rest, look into your delivery and his requirements. Maybe you failed to understand his requirements due to lack of understanding.


no,he given 5 star on communication skills

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he want add 10 slider and 2 banner ,i do it properly

Then maybe you failed to understand his requirements. Like his review tells, he had to explain again and again. Maybe you didn’t understood at the first place and constant explanation made him annoyed. What I feel is the lack of English skills. My advice is improve your English, improve understanding skills.


thank you …

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He literally wrote in his review that it took quite some explaining over and over again…

And he wrote that you just uploaded banners to his website instead of a complete makeover of banners etc.


I did as much as he told me to do

If I am not wrong, your buyer and you have some misunderstandings. That’s why, he said ‘over and over again’.

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2.3 is very bad for Every freelancer, you csn’g sent buyer request for this rating and it’s can hamper yoir profile, i can give you a suggestion. If you right and Your work is successful then you can contact support, support can help you properly

No, what you THINK he told you to do. That’s the issue. You misunderstood. You were wrong.

And I’d give you a bad rating, too, if you didn’t do what I asked you to do and I had to explain that to you because you kept misinterpreting and not delivering the actual scope. Why would that warrant a great review?

Why not accept responsibility and improve your English instead of justifying your weaknesses and errors?


That literally tells me nothing and does not indicate that there weren’t communication issues or that you were in scope.

Again, your English is extremely poor and that WILL affect your success and it IS disrespectful to buyers. No amount of excuses will change that.

And you have very poor judgment if you think “Sir just check your site” is an appropriate way to talk to a client. Good grief.

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“It’s fine.” Doesn’t mean that he was satisfied.

We recently had a story where the client wrote “thanks” for the delivery just because they received it and decided to only check it in the morning. And upon expecting the delivery it turned out that seller delivered something completely different from was agreed. As to the clients surprise seller got really hostile using her “thanks” message as that she liked the delivery.

Same in your case: client might’ve been just tired of explaining things and just left it with “that’s fine”.

I actually use that’s fine in my real life when it’s really just fine, I have nothing good to say about it but “fine” it will work.

So to sum up: “this fine thanks” doesn’t mean that you delivered an excellent service.


Stop giving wrong advice. Contacting support means getting a warning. Dont give advices when you dont know anything. Plus it’s clearly his fault so he will definitely get a warning if he contacts.


Same problem I faced few days back.

The review is depend on his eyes,so it does not depends on the delivery,there are much more areas to be cared about,so overall it is your client feedback…means your service is not a 5 start work for him,
You might have delivered the stuffs but feedback is quite depending…like something that you are taking a bus to go somewhere,all buses on that route has same destination but feedback is depend on the driver,speed drivers not get good reviews slow ones neither…but most cared and efficient driver gets the best feedback,
And otherwise designer can not judge the feedbacks,feedbacks and reviews are 100% you have to accept whatever is says.

as a tip.

everytime you are in a job,ask all questions you have,then clear the all areas…

that make the project easy.

First off all you need to work on your English communication to understand buyer’s words.
Also, you have to focus on client’s satisfaction. You are satisfied with your work but the buyer may not. That’s why he has given 2.3 :slight_smile:

The main problem is the language. With such poor english skills it’s impossible to understand correctly a customer request. My suggestion is to learn english and only after that focusing on becoming an international freelancer. I am Italian, and I work with professionals in any part of the globe. While I can be (probably I am :slight_smile: ) talented as artist, I am also very good with foreign languages, which is one of the reasons of my success.


I see this here all the time, multiple times a day.

“I did nothing wrong” > vs review which states otherwise.


Oh, and “fine” in English is more likely to be used in a dismissive manner, like when you upset your partner and they say “I’m fine” - it means everything is far from fine.

This is why I’m thinking more and more about closing my account here so I don’t have to deal with misunderstandings based on illiteracy and ignorance. At least them I can adopt policies of refusing to work with people I don’t like / don’t respect etc without having to worry about order completion rates.


Another reason why knowing English well is so important.

Imagine expecting someone to want to review you well when you obviously don’t understand them and you made their life difficult. Why would that happen?