Today I Am Very Sad


I Give The Work To The Client But He Give Me Bad Review I Give Him The Work What They Want


There would be some deficiencies due to which you got a bad review. But the game doesn’t end here don’t get stuck with bad review keep struggling and prove yourself with your work…


Please don’t be upset brother sometime its happen please don’t give up… keep working and you will reach your success stage… check this post to improve your gig…Thanks


But Any Buyer Not Come To Me Bcs OF My Review . This Is My First Review. Now What Can I Do


But hOw Can I Do Now


If new profile then you can start new account but first delete this one .


But Why Delete My Account ?
Can I Delete Buyer Review


No - you can’t delete a buyer’s review.

If you do decide to start a new account, ask CS what to do, and how to do it.


Hahaha ! You don’t know what you are asking about ; You cannot delete buyers review .

If you want to create new profile then first delete this account then start the new one .


CAN I Ask CS To Delete Review


But I Have Money On This Account. On Verification


But I Have Money On This Account. On Verifications


No, you can’t ask CS to remove a review, unless it’s in exceptional circumstances, which it seems this wasn’t.


Read this articel


But I Cant Delete My Account My Money ON Verification


I don’t understand what you mean - sorry.


My Money On Verification In Fiverr


I don’t know what you mean by ‘on verification’. Do you mean it’s ‘pending’?

Wait until it clears, and then delete your account etc.