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Today I completed 100 writing gigs with 100% rating. Level 1 - Here I come!

I’ve been here for 45 days now and I’m feeling really upbeat.

My gig:

My goal is to do 500 gigs a month with 100% rating throughout. I am not sure what I can do. Can anyone tell me about Fiverr promotions. Do they work? Is there any other way I can increase visibility?

I also have a proofreading gig:


I can imagine you’d feel upbeat :wink:

Thanks ! But just now my Level 2 status was taken away !!! :frowning: :’( And I dont know what I have done ! I am peeved

Contact CS , to me you still show us level2

It only shows up here and not in the actual gig. :frowning: :’( My buyers are contacting me and I can’t talk to them anymore. THis is a disaster. I have already contacted them. I am a hardworking guy. This is just annoying.

Yay ! I got my messages and Level 2 seller back ! Happy-dappy. :slight_smile:

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