Today I earn trusted membership badges!


Well there are some badges in Fiverr Forum which reward to the activators in forum. Which is really useful to expand your community. From trusted membership badges You can now send invitations from your user page or individual topics, create group personal messages, and have a few more likes per day. which is enhance your gig sell and grow up your gig impression.
Good luck everyone in Fiverr Forum.


Just for clarity, forum badges have no affect on your Fiverr account or gigs. In general, forum likes, inviations, groups, posts, comments, and badges do not do anything for your gig impressions. You might occasionally get one view from someone curious, but not often. The forum is more here to chat with other users.


Congratulations for the membership badge


Thank you so much…


well from my prospective it the best way to marketing yourself in the forum because there are some restriction to promote your gig in other ways like create backlinks, and link-building etc. you acknowledge that some people check my profile from their curiosity. If you write a good article or post which helps others, obviously they check out your profile too…there are not only sellers also buyers here with their problems and experience to share with others. so overall it’s very good place marketing. Thanks


Not obviously. Most forum users who use the Fiverr forums are still sellers, and seller-forum users are unlikely respond to any sort of marketing you do here on the forums.

The forums are NOT a place to market (and certainly not effectively, as is the case with “My Fiverr Gigs” – the only place you can “market” on the forums). This is a place to chat. Marketing posts will likely be flagged and hidden or removed.

If you want to do marketing that will yield any strong results, you’re going to need to do that elsewhere – not on Fiverr. Market where your customers are located (online or off), and bring them into Fiverr. Convert them from off-site traffic into on-site sales.


Thank you so much for your kind information. Yah we discuss here and chat with other which is likely introduce yourself. Most likely we get suggestion from the experienced guys which is really needed for new sellers and buyers as well. thus we introduce to buyers as well as experienced sellers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Again, not likely. You seem determined to use the forums to promote yourself. That isn’t how this forum works. We interact. We chat. We discuss. You’ll be lucky if you get even one sale from someone on this forum. This just isn’t the place to expect to earn any customers or clients. There is no easy way to promote yourself, and this forum just isn’t the place for that.

I’ve been active on these forums for years, and I don’t think I’ve gained even one sale from the forum. Your buyers aren’t here on the forums – they’re out there via the Fiverr search system, or in the world (elsewhere, not on Fiverr).

You are NOT going to gain sales just because you post here on these forums.