Today I feel amused


Hello there, today I got a Level One Seller batch after one year.!!! So I feel good but on the other hand feel bad because this batch I should have gotten so earlier because I have been working hard from the last one years when I joined Fiverr, not because of the best but the legendary. Yes, I think I have a great zeal to do a big thing for your esteemed organisation but unfortunately I don’t get too much chance as another get.I am very persistent towards my work that is why so far I delivered all the work within stipulated timeline with the great review. Well, today I am having fun and giving a small party to my friends. Folks, if you give me your valuable tips that what should be my next step or how I can do better to achieve my next batch? then do feel free to tell me, I would be grateful to yours.
Thanks and cheers.


Congrats on your Level One badge! Next up is Level Two - you can find more about the requirements for each level here:


Thanks, pal. Well, can you tell me what should I do for enhancing my order?


Share your own gig for 60times within 24 hours.
Repeat buyers are key to get 2nd level. I am positive about this.
Use your talent to share your gig to the masses.
i never got a single buyer from twitter but sharing helped me. If you’ll check my username my gig will come up which is helpful in trust building. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your valuable tips.!!


You’re a marketing expert, so you can use your expertise to market your services and get more buyers.


@shubh2012. I can see marketing as a good technique, but you must have a broad list of places you can promote to the right audience. I would advise sellers to use great caution with:

If you have that broad list of appropriate places where you can spread out shares that’s great, but otherwise 60 shares per 24 hours would be spam.


“Sharing 60 times within 24 hours” is his gig. So, I thought at least he can help himself first. :slight_smile:


@shubh2012 Ah, that makes some sense. Of course,depending on the “share” quality his own buyers might end up buying spam by proxy. Perhaps another tip for @sawould be to make sure that gig doesn’t lead to trouble. :wink:


All the best!!! :slight_smile: There are tons of posts on fiverr regarding promotion of gigs.Go through them.Happy earnings! :slight_smile: