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Today I feel like this movie song (game)

Here we demonstrate our mood - on this fine morning- with a famous movie song. Mine is the same everyday princess. Because cobra kai never dies:


Come on LaRusso… Post up those feel poppin, car shaking, throat scratching, no sense making movie songs that expose you as the 80’s montage fan you really are.

An additional ten points goes to the contestant who sings “No Easy Way Out” from Rocky five for our viewing pleasure.

Here’s to me probably being lame :crazy_face: sucker for pain (from the SuicideSquad movie - I just :heart_eyes: Harley Quinn & her Puddin’, the Joker!)

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No one truly likes this representation of the Joker Woofy. I think you’re just inducing film hatred.

I actually love the character this way :smiley: :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m in a good mood today Woofy. So, I’m going to let you completely keep this little joy. This horrible, sacrilegious, disgusting joy.

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This is my song and movie for today.

I’m the robot, the exploitative capitalists are my buyers asking for non-specified revisions, and I have just 3 hours before the people needlessly devouring my time ruin my chances of getting out tonight.

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See… this is the result of public contributions done properly. I’m a shameless champion of Short Circuit. From it’s spellbinding grab bag of horrific plot devices to it’s cringe inducing brown face, casual racism.

Oh…weren’t we all so brash and thick skinned… I salute this with a kitchen air guitar solo.

Maybe my original song wasn’t ambitious enough?
edit: I was only prepared to kick faces. Clearly, you’re in another head space.

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That’s my favorite movie scene of all time, in over 35 years of watching films.

Here’s my favorite movie song…