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Today I get FIVERR CHOICE Badge

I am very Happy Today I join fiverr from last 27 days and today i see fiverr choice badge on my gig


Wow congrats. Keep working hard.


That’s Great. Keep it up!

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Congrats, the big point you get this badge is, fast delivery,
am i right…?


Wow Bro Congrats, Please also share your details experience and Tips how to get this badge

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Thank you so much @fouzia_zakria you also a zakria wow

Thank you so much @sameed_webdev

Thank you so much i don’t know how i earn this badge

I dont know tips but i do hard work really big hard work

When have you Joined Fiverr.

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I think from last 25-30 days

Congratts :smiley: See mine :stuck_out_tongue:

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You also get today bro i don’t know why and for which achievement fiverr give us this @su

Can you please tell me

keep happiness.
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WOW :star_struck: congratulation :heart_eyes: Wish you good luck :v:

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good job bro keep going love from keral

I got it few days ago but not 100% sure why, but that period was like I was delivering 1-2 order a day for this gig with 5 start reviews for almost a week and I got this :slight_smile:

I must say congratulations when it is very due. It is interesting to see your progress. I have checked the raster to vector category and there are 8 pages of seller with 1 to no orders so if you are saying you started just one month ago and you reached this far maybe you hit the algorithm jackpot somehow. It is strange that you got all this orders since only difference between you and others are fancy bulletins in your description (and I am not talking about the quality of the work since I can not compare that). But still how do you manage to do manual tracing in 30 minutes for that tiger for example is beyond me.
May I have your permission to use same bulletin on my gig to see is it really happening because of them or is there something else?

go Ahed hope one day i will get this, i am working hard.