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Today, I get my first a 3.7 star?

I’m really not sure, why this buyer rate this like this? Although buyers rate me as 3.7, but he tips $10 for a $5 project?
I did ask the question, but the buyer didn’t reply. So I deliver the work, this that the reason why he rates me like this? Or this buyer just randomly rate me

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If the randomly rated you or not…is the buyer’s business,you can’t do much about it, also it’s against the tos to ask your buyer why did he gave you a specific review


I know, that why I didn’t ask the buyer for any review-related stuff.

‘’ not sure why you rate me like this ’ from the screenshot could get you in trouble as well


Yes, this is a reply not a direct communication to buyer. But I’ll do take note of that

Perhaps it’s even worse…because it’s visible on your profile…


oh no, ok. I think I will have a warning letter on my way . haha

let’s hope that doesn’t happen