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Today I got and completed my first order after 2 weeks of being here

It was a wonderful experience and also a thing of joy to me to get my first order :smile: :smile:.
I joined this great platform two weeks ago and I was a bit worried as I got messages from couple of buyers and I couldn’t respond to them again. But today I got that message that put a smile on my face and I did not get this by sending buyer’s request.
Unfortunately, the buyer did not leave any review :astonished:, he just accepted the order after few revisions and left no message of encouragement :pensive: :sob:
Should I be worried? Can he still come back with review? Should I tell him to give me 5 star(hey! I know is against fiverr :wink: :wink:)


Money talks. You got the money, move on. Good luck for the future.

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There is nothing to worry about @alicia_nor. Its completely upon the will of the buyer whether to leave you a review or not. I’m sure you will get a nice, heartwarming review on the next buyer that lands.


Glad you finally got and order, I am new to fiverr and I look forward to my first order. As a new member I now have some hope of getting my first order, even if it does take a couple of weeks. It will be worth it in the end.

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@nicwinnie you will surely get your first order just keeping working hard

Thanks very much for your kind words @arefinrayeed

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Thanks @daniyal_s, I have moved on already :blush:

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