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Today i got level one seller

i got it…i feel happy…Today i got level one seller


Congrats and Good luck Hasan.

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thanks …please pray for me

Heartiest congrats Hasan!

Best of luck for the future works

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thank you…

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I have checked your profile and it says you joined fiverr in July.

It is a good progress considering the fact that you have achieved level one already.

However, taking into consideration that about 80-90 percent of your orders are from the same customer, you need to work hard for attracting other buyers as well.

If you don’t apply to Buyer Requests; start doing that on priority basis and always reply with stating how are you going to tackle the project by presenting a solution.

This way if you are successful in converting even a single buyer in a day (10 max requests), I am sure your gig will start improving soon.

If there is anything that I could be of assistance, please feel free to ask.


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