Today I got my 300th positive review. I am both happy and sad at the same time


Hello guys.

I dont ask for anything, I know how Fiverr works but I am so sad about my situation.

In last months I tried all my best to learn more and more everyday without working for any order, just for me. But days by days I didn’t got orders. I got a lot of bills to pay and now I live alone. I quit my last full time job 8 months ago doing what I love only on Fiverr.

I love to learn about what I want to do (graphic design) and everyday I spend 12-16 hours to do that (I have nothing to do since I am alone and this is my only way to feel happy). But when I wake up in the morning and check my phone for any orders, I am feeling so sad and hope all day for any order. I can see other gigs similar to mines getting hundreds of orders and I am feeling like I can do much better.

And now I am asking myself and You guys what should I do ? If am going again for a full time job there is almost no chance to do what I love again. If I stay may be a chance to change somehow my situation ? I dont think so after I see my logo gigs getting 35 viwes, 13 clicks and 2 orders in last 7 days. My last happy moments was when my last few customers dropped me excelent reviews and even tips.

Thank You so much for reading this.

All the Best for You,



Hello Radu,

It’s a very stressful situation for you. If you’re not getting any more sales, there may be something wrong. While having a quick look around your Profile I saw you have 99% rating.

Don’t keep negative feedbacks, try to refund all those buyers even though you did a great job for them. It’s better to lose $5 than taking a negative feedback that lives with your Fiverr business forever!

My advice is to analyze everything you did to find what mistake you’ve done. If you find it try to fix it.

Good Luck!



Get your job back dude , its important to earn good money for a living , if you aren’t getting much response here , its better you go back to your full time job and use fiverr as a part time job , you can increase the amount of extra time and earn some extra bugs from fiverr just by working 1-2 hours a day or just on weekends and keep doing what you love by not completing relying on it .


Reply to @luikangmk:

Thank You ! I always try to refound when my customer is not 100% satified but that only 2 negative reviews are from 2 customers who tried to get from me much more then they ordered like: “if You want to remove my rating, do another job…” and that was with old rating system.

My all customers are so happy with my work and even I got few orders, I got even tips…

I dont know what to change or even if is something to change.

Thank You again,



You should try doing what you love for a living at a real job or at least some related aspect of it. I can’t imagine living off Fiverr, you would need at least 30 gigs a day I would think to just barely scrape by.


If you can, return to your old job or find another so that you’re at least bringing in some income. Working as a graphic designer via freelance won’t yield lots of sales for everyone. I enjoy graphic design too but don’t advertise it.

But, never say never. Sales will come your way you just have to stay positive.


Reply to @topaz_muse:

Thank You for Your words. I am sure one day I will earn enough from want I love to do because the reviews from my customers are just awesome, till then I can only learn and learn new things :slight_smile:

Today I just started a new paid course to learn new things.

All the best for You,