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Today i got My Seller 2 Level


Today i am really happy because i got my seller 2 level =)) . So now i can earn more $ like before. I successfully complete 340+ orders within a month using level 1 :)) . But now my target is 500+ order complete within a month using level 2. Hop you will pray for me & support me for completing my target. My next Level target is TOP RATTED Seller. I know its so difficult. But will try my best.





Continue doing a good job and you’ll stand a chance in becoming a TRS in the future!


Good job!! Gratz


Good job!


This is a very important milestone in your Fiverr revenue. How do you plan to benefit from your gig extras and dollar amount allowed?


Reply to @danielzo: Many Many thanks :


Reply to @predyxx: Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Many Many Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks for your suggestion. I will add 120% more service in extra gig. so buyer will also focus on my extra gig.




Reply to @dsaldridge: Thanks :slight_smile:


Good job!! I hope this is just the beginiing of a lightning career!!! :slight_smile: