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Today I have no Buyer Request!



how many gig you have?


If you are new seller try to open 7 gig and on different way.
this problem will be solved


Thanks for the info, unfortunatley am on 83% positive review its shows you must 90% possitive review to make an offer :slightly_frowning_face:


I will create 7 gig but same problem today…today only two buyer request…


Create 7 gig with 7 different categories,


7 category means! please give me any example…


Actually the number of buyer request is fully depend on your categorie , how many categorie do you have ?
When you create any gig after title there are a option for selecting the categorie. In this option you should chose different categorie for your every gig but it should related to your gig services.




Programming & Tech / WordPress / Customization
Programming & Tech / WordPress / Full Website Creation
Programming & Tech / Web Programming / Custom Website
Graphics & Design / Web & Mobile Design / Wireframe UX
Programming & Tech / Web Programming / Convert PSD
Programming & Tech / Ecommerce / Full Website Creation
Programming & Tech / WordPress


This is my all gigs category please tell me is that ok or not??


Or Please visit my all gigs and tell me my all gigs are ok or not??


Yeah your gig categorie is absolutely ok. I think there need some modification in your gig price. Then check


Promote your gig’s by sharing them on social media sites like fb, twitter, LinkedIn And so on. Post on related fb groups and pages. You can get sales there too.


can you give social media links for fiverr gig promotions…


what modification on price please tell me,


I also pace the same problem last 3 days…


Don’t worry always try to online you will get buyer request.


6 please if you explain what u trying to say