Today i step fox tail.what a great complement from a seller.lover of fiverr felt proud


Wow, you did a very excellent job here and with multiple designs also. Thank you very much Sir. I really like the first one especially with the circle/curve around the name, then the one with the horse in the middle is awesome. Will decide between these two. When i’m ready for the psd file i will order asap. I will also advice you start fiverr link for customers to tip for your good work. Thanks again…{fragglerock) at


Thanks to FIVERR…


@chikile You should send this in a message directly to the user, not post them here where it will not be seen. Please read the TOS, as your link will be deleted.


Reply to @eddiethornton: Thanks eddiethornton for your advice.already completed that order with review just i share my happiness here.thanks again