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Today I was invited to Fiverr Promotion Program

Today I was invited to Fiverr Promotion Program. I’m very excited in using function.
If you are using this function already, please share your experiences.
How can you achieve maximum advertising effect with minimal investment?

Thank you in advance.


Great! Keep blasting :smile: How you got that option?


For me it’s very bad. I started to get (paid) impressions and lost almost all organic impressions. My gigs were outranked and got very poor quality customers, too less targeted.


Congratulation bro. :heartbeat:


I’ve processed broadcast airtime orders for agencies like Saatchi; brands like Mercedes and other household names: you’re asking about an art and a science as if there’s a one size fits all solution.

It’s all summed up in one word: demographics. To elaborate: it’s demographic targeting, multi-variant testing and conversion rate optimisation, but most important is the rule of KYC: Know Your Client.

What “effect” are you after? Sales? They usually come after brand awareness, and brand recall.

You need users to be aware of you, and to be able to remember you before you chase the sale, in PPC lower bid rates get lower rankings and less clicks, but can still get the impressions so sometimes starting with a low rate per click gets some awareness, and an understanding of how and where you rank for what expenditure, but honestly, if traffic is too cheap, it’s not worth having, and the same can be said with higher prices: where your own personal Goldilocks Zone is, well that’s down to you.

Some sellers here are reporting their PPC here is a disaster, almost like they’ve sacrificed their organic sales. I wouldn’t want to go there myself.

I don’t wish to belittle what Fiverr are offering with their ads, but really, if a seller has got the budget to play around with a PPC campaign here, then surely they have the budget to target the traffic to their own site, rather than a marketplace?

Why pay to drive traffic to a site which takes a cut when you could drive it to your own site, and only lose out on payment processing fees from the likes of PayPal / Stripe etc.

I see so many people here treating Fiverr like the entire wheel, when really it’s should be a spoke.


Hello, just my two cents: it’s impossible they are “losing the organic sales”.And you are right that is something that can’t be discussed because it’s impossible. There are probably other reasons and coincidences.


Congratulation, learn more from recent active threads

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@wp_kid Thank you very much

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Great Achievement… :innocent: :innocent: