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Today i will complete one ordrer but client dont placing order!

today I will complete one order but the client doesn’t place an order! I solve his all problem and submit my work without placing client order can I complain for my client if he doesn’t place the order 2-3 days later I will be waiting 2-3 days, can I?

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You cannot complain, anyone, if he does not pay you. You should take the order first and then work. Now it depends on your luck whether he pays you or not.
Good luck!

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i don’t like order cancel thats why i starting before order placing?


This is a good strategy to avoid order cancellation or bad review… I do the same but for a few buyers whom I trust or for those whose job is not well defined. Anyways, I hope your client will pay you :smiley:

YOu broke fiverr terms
You work before he paid

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this job is critical so that I try to solve it before order because of I don’t like order cancellation,