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Today I will show some you important conversation with fiverr support. must read it

I have completed a project with 150$ and my clients were very happy with my works and I got 5-star reviews in this gig

But I am not getting any new message last 7 day’s that’s why I have contacted Fiverr support and I got the replay today. see the conversation below

My message was::

Hi dear,
I am mr_nurnobi I am a level one seller now. I need some help. I have created 3 gigs with 3 different services and I have completed 2 orders in from my one gig and my buyer was very happy with my work and I got 5-star reviews. But now my questions are why my gig not ranked on the first page? and why my impressions are down day by day? I’m watching many new gigs are rank on the first page to my search keywords but why not my gig is ranked but I am level, one seller, now? please let me know how I can rank my gig on the first page? and why I am not getting any message from any new buyer? What is wrong with my gig?

This is my profile links

I hope I will get a proper solution and idea to fix my issues. thank you so much, lovely Fiverr team.

I Got the Replay today:

Hello Nurnobi,

I’m Roberto and I’ll be happy to help.

We have had a larger than a usual number of tickets and this is causing the delays. We know this is not ideal and we truly appreciate your patience as we respond to all requests. I’m here now and I’ll do everything I can to help.

I totally understand your concerns about your Gig’s placement. A Gig’s position is based on seller performance over a set time period. There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness, etc.

Rankings change and are not permanent. There may be other Gigs currently performing at a higher rate than yours. If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5 stars, delivering on time, communicating quicker, etc. This all count. We encourage our sellers to make use of social media to optimize their visibility on the Internet. The buttons on your Gig page should be used to reach out to your social media contacts.

We also suggest doing some market research to help improve your Gig’s conversion rate. This could help improve sales.

As an additional resource, we encourage you to participate in the Fiverr Forum. Our more seasoned sellers are happy to share their tips and tricks with everyone.


Thanks for sharing with us :heart:

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you are welcome. pray for me


Why will we need to pray for you?
Please pray for me, because I’m going to be Lvl 1 this month :slight_smile:

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my question is: when we at lower ranking, can we back at higher ranking? and what can we do to get back to higher ranking? can anyone share insights on this?

thank you

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Why do we need to pray for you and not @mr_nurnobi ?

mr nurnobi, your entitlement in your message to CS is amazing. You sold a gig and believe you are entitled to be on the first page? That is mind-boggling if you think about it. How about if 50 other sellers just sold a gig at this very moment? I guess that means they should be on the first page now.

Can’t you heard is sarcastic ? We not god or what, dont need ppl to pray for us. But PRAISE us :slight_smile: