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Today i'm Very Happy Got first order


Today i’m very happy i got first order on fiverr and i earned $4 i complete his order Perfectly But Buyer leave me without rating any suggestion What should i do to get rating from Buyer .
i got first order on this Gig Check But without rating


You could send a message to the buyer ,something like “it would be great if you could leave a review for the service provided”. Just don’t force him/her and don’t ask them to give you a positive review which is against the TOS.


congratulation but this is both happy and sad news :disappointed:


Congratulation. I hope any pray you will be success


Congratulations! I got my first order as well not too long ago and I remember it was anywhere between excitement and the anxious hope to meet expectations!

Don’t worry about the review, maybe it just takes a little while - the buyer has a notification as well until a review is left.


Same things happened to me. My first order auto completed without any review. So best thing is that forget about the review. Some client don’t care about reviews.


Congrats for your first order. But there is no order mentioned in your Gig.


Congratulation. :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:
Don’t care about review just keep your hard work.
Buyer will post a honest review.


hehehe Yes u r right


@pdesigner1 Same here…I just found out that a lot of buyers don’t care about giving reviews…So I moved on and decided not to ask my client for a review after my client forgot to leave a review…Because other buyers will give me a review for my excellent service


Thanks alot Mridul4567


Thanks Alot Friend Hope


is it Possible buyer give me review after some days


But we are Beginer and we need Reviews to start selling more


Yes it’s possible …


Hm, That’s right… …



There is an order mentioned on her gig…Check her recent delivery…


yes Recent delivery show But we are Talk About Rating…



Youre right, recent delivery shows and we are only talking about rating but dzynner said there is no order mentioned on your gig…He was not talking about any review, he was talking about orders that’s why I showed him a picture of your recent delivery in my previous comment above because there is a big difference between orders and reviews…


Thanks Alottttt For to show my gig screenshot to dzynner