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Today is a Big Day for us!

Today is a big day for me as Fiverr seller. Today I got my 150 positive reviews after three months of hard work. So, I thought of sharing some tips with my other fellows.

My niche is graphics designing and its been five years since I am doing graphics work but started my Fiverr career in October 2015.

Being a new seller at Fiverr your first challenge will get your first order. Mostly seller ar Fiverr are working in particular sub niches like a logo, Business card, flyer and you may count many of them (Particularly in graphics designing). But there are many odd jobs people are after, especially those buyers who are new to Fiverr. For these jobs, you have to visit Fiverr feature buyer requests. You can find lots of odd job at buyer requests like redesigning a logo, little tweaks in a logo, etc.

If you are good at graphics and still not getting any luck, then you should try something different same as me when I got my first order. I created some pre-orders or you can say rough drafts from buyer requests information and placing their sample in my gig sample gallery. Yes, It is pretty much hard, but I got results by doing this. I sent ten buyer requests saying “Hey!! Your order is ready, and we can deliver this in next half an hour” … I got three requests accepted next day and then there is no looking back.

Buyer at Fiverr prefers 24 hrs delivery with unlimited revisions in 5. Some people would take it as a challenge, and some would be as an opportunity. I took it as an opportunity and made double my sales in straight days.

I am still using the same technique of delivering a rough draft before placing an order. It will decrease the rate of negative feedback as your buyer already know what he is going to get. If he/she doesn’t like, they could hire someone else.

A second thing, I use an extension which refreshes my page in every three minutes. So, I always stay online (You can download it for any browser).

Have a nice day ahead!!

Thank you and congratulations.

Congratulations for your 150th order. Keep it up …

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks jey242…

Good luck and thank for tip.

congratulations !! and i wish you all the luck to be a TRS in the near future

Keep up the great work. You’ll be joining the Top-Rated Seller crew before long =)

Congratulation on your milestone. This is a tip which is being used by me always as well.

What is the extension to always stay online?

Congrats! Great strategy there, and also a very valuable trick as well to stay online.


I’m using for chrome: Easy Auto Refresh

Thanks David for your kind words.

hey what is the extension name

Easy Auto Refresh

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Congratulations @atgraphics :slight_smile:

Thanks @abhiraichura

Thanks @portrait_d

Thanks @medyoneful