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Today is a celebrating day

Today, I got my first order ended very well, right now actually, im feeling super excited for more sells in the upcoming days, completing my journey to 10 sells why not, we should be optimistic dont you think lol.

Share with me your experiences guys, the unlucky, and lucky ones, like a one big family to help each other, i am new here, so im looking for more friends to get along with and work together in a futur projects.

I wish you all a nice week, thanks for your time.
Yasser ait ouahi.


Congratulation for your first order. And pray for new sellers :slight_smile:

thanks buddy for the support, i do appreciate it )…

Hiya, Yasser!

Awesome sauce! :tada:

Wait if you’re celebrating you gotta do it in style…

How, exactly?

Well, with an ice cream cone. :yum:



oh you so kind, make them 2 ice creams and lets celebrate it tho. :yum:


@nikavoice one day you will post same ice cream for me :smiley: Expectations :slight_smile: But @yasser_aitouahi do not forget me during ice cream party :wink:


Congratulations. Happy for you. Just a little tip. Suggest you remove “Hey Dear” from under your profile image as that will definitely put some buyers off. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aw, shucks! I suppose I’ll give into the :icecream: temptation to celebrate with ya. :wink:
~sweet tooth & everythang~

@haroon_tanoli I’ll do that. :tada: An ice cream partyyyyyy sounds like fun, fun, fun. :ice_cream: :yum:

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