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Today is my Bday, and I couldn't be happier on Fiverr


Today is my birthday. Did I ask to be born? No. I always thought that kind of sucks, not because I don’t want to be on this planet…I just wish I could have been at least been asked what I wanted to be born as, maybe I would have been a different animal instead of a smart ape that knows more of the world then I would like to have known about. What did that guy in the matrix say? Ignorance is bliss? While taking a bite into the fake computer generated steak? mmmm steak.

So what the heck is my point? Well there is no real point but just a friendly conversation starter maybe… like I was saying today is my birthday, I still feel young enough to have enough time to take over the world, but old enough to know that partying is for kids. To know that life is shorter then you think and I should walk away from trouble WITHOUT saying a word. Maybe Donald Trump should think about that once in a while. :slight_smile:

Last night I was thinking about going on Vacation mode, but the only time I go on vacation mode is to actually catch up on orders here on Fiverr. My customers message me telling me they need a project done asap. I try to make them happy and tell them sure, let me just come back from vacation mode. Later on they message me happy messages, like “glad you are back, and hope you had a wonderful and relaxed vacation.” If they only knew I was actually working on orders. I don’t limit the orders in my gigs, even though I can because it would just mess up my work flow I have established with my customers.

I’m very grateful and happy to be able to wake up and have orders from great people who want to do something with their goals and want to succeed. My family was telling me, go on vacation mode, I told them no… I want to work on my birthday. Even though Fiverr gives me the choice to work or not, and you know what…

That’s the BEST birthday gift anyone can give me. The freedom to make a choice to do what I want, when I want.

I had to write something in the forum about this because another thing I feel, being on Fiverr and being my birthday, is that with every year I am here serving the Fiverr Community, my birthdays and the presents that I can buy for myself to myself, you know the excuse to yourself to buy yourself something you want because you just feel god darn selfish on your birthday and don’t care how much you put on your credit card! :slight_smile: Well that feeling, gets better and better the longer I’m on and using Fiverr…

Happy birthday to myself! Today I celebrate it with FIverr!

So what would you guys do? Work on your birthday on Fiverr or go on vacation mode?


Happy birthday! I’ve never taken a “vacation”. I usually don’t work on my b’day though, I just try to get everything fixed so that I can take the day off (i.e. no deadlines) anyway. I definitely do the presents thing though. It’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while.


Happy birthday, cut down on work and start exercising. I know, that’s a problem with me too, I think we are both of the same age. :slight_smile:


Presents to yourself are nice. :slight_smile: thanks


thanks, I know man, its crazy I see some of my earlier videos and I’m 30 pounds lighter, I’ve been cutting back on the chairs… just started cardio too. I tried to bulk up but ended up eating too much fatty chicken, I would get the thighs instead of the breast, 2mg of fat versus 20! I did a big mistake. If you go to bulk up, you have to pay for quality and what a different watching the label actually makes!


Happy Birthday Joey. Hope you treated yourself to a nice present ;).


Happy birthday, hope you have a tops day :slight_smile: I enjoyed a day with the computer totally turned off for my last birthday, I looked forward to it and loved every minute! :slight_smile:


Hey you. :slight_smile: Thanks I’m going to shop on that one auction site for computer stuff. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I know I can’t stand in front of machines for too long, either after a while I get burnt out. I like hiking trails!


Happy birthday.
I’m too old to not work on my birthday, so you are probably around my age now… hehe


Happy birthday, Joey! I love steak too! :smiley:

Same, I wish I could have been asked what I wanted to be born as. Well, I wish I could die every month and then reborn as different animals, just to know how is it like to be a grasshopper, to be a fish, to be a bird, to be a dog, to be penguin, etc.


haha, we are old men…


That’s a great idea, to test drive all those animals, lol. thanks!


Happy Birthday Joey. May you live to blow 1001 candles. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Joey! =)


Thank you! :slight_smile: lol, that would be old


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: