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Today is my first day on Fiverr and i'm quite nervous!

Hello, my name is Rosita, a newbie. I think I’m a bit nervous because I just started in Fiverr, but I do not have many contacts to show them my work, I’m worried about creating my Gigs and no one will see or be interested on my work. What advice can you give a beginner beyond using social networks?

Thank so much :smile:


Hey! Welcome to the forum. There’s no reason to be nervous. At a certain time everyone was new. Some information you may find helpful: Today Is My First Day At Fiverr


Thank you so much, i will start my social media sites to upload the character animation process behind!

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Your art is really cute!

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you check out the buyers request section, where buyers post their projects. Some might be relevant. (Ignore the sellers posting there though…)

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Thanks!! I’ll see how it works, I’m interested.

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