Today is my first day on fiverr give me some suggestions


I want suggestions to start this market place can you please give me some important suggestions how I can grow my gigs and how to get my first order?
Thanks in advance.


Make your 7 gigs, share them on social media, where you think your potential buyers.
Send your buyer request, be online, response quickly to your buyer messages that’s it.



Not good for 7 gig.

Keep working hard and search your gig titles.


Thanks for the tips I will do thats


Sure I will do hard work thanks for suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Make seven gigs and go to different social media, marketing your gigs and gig favriat every day.


Is it necessary to create 7 gigs?


But everyday making a gig


But I have seen many people have less than 7 gigs they have got level up too.


after completed 7-gigs creation Fiverr will follow your activities and if your 7-gigs look like perfect than they boost your gigs at the search engine, then you able to get an order instantly :blush: :blush:



I would beg to differ. It is not really about how many concurrent gigs you have active. Yes, in my opinion, it will help to a certain extent; but that may not be the sole reason for getting an order. If you even have just 2 or 3 very well crafted gigs, I think it would do you more good than having 7 gigs of just average quality.

This is my opinion. However, I would like to point out that I am kinda new to Fiverr too. So, let’s wait and see if the more experienced sellers have something else to say about this.

Also, be sure to check out Paul’s awesome guide specifically crafted to help all the new sellers out there on Fiverr:


In my own experience, the traffic you get from searches split over the gigs you have. I could have 20 gigs, and when I tried with lots of them, I got lower exposure on my main ones. It makes me think that it is more convenient to have only the stronger, focused ones.


Welcome to fiverr community and forum. If you want to know properly about fiverr properly and get some tips, then follow this link under below.


Where are you getting this alleged advice from? There are no guarantees that a gig will be boosted in the search engine, and certainly not because Fiverr is, as you falsely claim, trolling new gigs just to be able to boost “perfect gigs”.

There is no guarantee of orders, just as there is no guarantee that orders will happen instantly or immediately. Please stop posting false advice.


Oh that’s really sounds great now I will create all gigs Thank you so much I didn’t know that point.


Oh is it not true? :open_mouth:


Thank you sure I will follow that link.


I think it is hard to share your all gigs on social media to get impressions and clicks etc. Is my observation right? tell me your experience.


Well, you can boost your main gig, then potential buyers could have a look at the others. I think there is no really a “100% win” advice here, just experiment yourself.


Oh thanks for sharing your experience I have created 3 gigs yet. Can you please review them is these well crafted?