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Today is my first Fiverr anniversary and I've got a cake!


Today is the first anniversary of my joining Fiverr and I’ve got a virtual cake next to my forum username. Does everyone see this against my username, or just me? I don’t think I’ve noticed this on anyone else’s username.


I dont see it yet. :confused:

The date is Feb 8th probably.


OMG thats so sweet. But we cant see it. :neutral_face:




So disappointed y’all can’t see it :frowning:


We are still in Feb 7? Time zone?
It’s 11:23pm Feb 7 here.


Yeah, but I will have joined Feb 7th, your timezone.

Still, you can tell me in 33 minutes if it suddenly appears :slight_smile:



Happy anniversary :smiley:
Btw no cake


Happy birthday!!
Please get a real cake and eat it–and don’t try to lick your screen.


There ya go:



I’m upset that it gets confuse by timezones.


Oh no–now I’m hungry for cake.
On my birthday, I hope Fiverr takes into consideration that I’m on a diet, and puts up a little cucumber.


Buh May, this isn’t for Buhday, it is for the anniversary of signing up on Fiverr… :thinking:


@djgodknows May be she is talking about the day when she was born on fiverr. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I was born on Fiverr one year ago today. My life didn’t exist before Fiverr :wink:


I will take a slice! Way to go!


@capitalquality Hahahahahhaahahhha–“my life didn’t exist before.”

@djgodknows, @saddu_writer – It’s one year celebrating whatever, so all I’m saying is that she should eat real cake and not lick the screen.

let’s all eat cake now.


Congratulations on your fantastic raise :slight_smile:


I saw the cake next to your username, happy anniversary!

BTW, today is my birthday IRL & I got a bigger cake too!