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Today is the day i gave up selling on Fiverr


Its been a couple of months and i guess i don’t have much sales. I’ve only made $60-70 and half of that is still pending. Its not worth selling on because its cheap and very unpleasent to deal with. We offer gigs for $4 some take us over an hour of work to complete and we get nothing in return.

This website was made especially for people overseas in cheap countries where they don’t pay enough money for work.

In the us the Min wage is around $9 an hour. I make $26 an hour working as a professional but i figured ill work a couple of hours a day here on Fiverr and make an extra 80-100 a day. But no luck, so i cancelled all my gigs and if you sellers are trying to make a living off of this $4 i recommend you go find something else to do with your lives.


Reply to @mcuadra88:

Hey so what kind of gigs do you offer?


Another suggestion for the OP, now that he has a gig back up, would be to commission a professional image for the gig image. The one he has right now is fuzzy and looks like clip art he just threw up there. Put a little into it. Maybe also have some examples of the corporation possibilities - explain to people why they need it. Do you have past clients for something similar? Maybe put some of their reviews and testimonials into a graphic for one of the other two gig images. Don’t give up before you’ve maximized your effort.


Reply to @dionisaras: clap That just says it all :smiley:


You are right! When i started out on fiverr, i started with article writing which i have a friend that does it off fiverrr and he charge 300dollars per web content but i feel ashame and some time proud coming here to offer a service of $5 and at still they will still want 1 dolloars from

Now i just created this fiverrr account newly afetr losing my account and am offering ecovers and article in the same account yet the rate of impression am getting to my gigs are too poor.

Fiverr should kindly upgrade or make their system good please.

Thank you


Well, if you use other techniques, you may increase your sales.

For example, I created a new gig today, Fiverr Plugin for Wordpress which enables you to show your gig & user info in your wordpress site.


image attached


Reply to @dariaproduction: Thank you!


You are simply doing it wrong!

Do not shout out to Fiverr and Overseas sellers !

It is your luck of business mind that you are unable to make money here.

I believe you should stop your Masters degree right now and go back and redo your Bachelors degree and learn the basics mate.

Being rude to other nations is just lame of you. It is not Indian’s people fault of their fincancial situation as a country! And who the f@@k are you talking in the name of American people. I have many American friends and they are great people. You just give a bad name for your nation here, so just zip it!

I can let the image speak by itself and then draw your own conclusions whether you can make decent money here in Fiverr, wherever in the world you might live.

Regards to all and happy 2015!



Fiverr gave to me alot, Fiverr is the place for the hard workers, happy for the less and believe in quality work. Some are here just for earning , some are here for polish their skills. You can always get a permanent client from 1 gigs. I have many, starting with just 1 gigs of $5 and monthly giving me business of $100+ from each clients.

I never think about cheat to fiverr. I never talk outside fiverr or skype. I lost many clients but I am happy. I love Fiverr :slight_smile:


It takes a while man, stick with it. Sales only started picking up for me around the 1y mark. Also try maybe to offer larger services people can take seriously for more than fice dollars. Increasing prices gives an impression of quality and might elevate your gigs from the sea of five dollar garbage that exists.


Reply to @wingrid3r: Loved your reply !!!


I think your experience is very subjective. 70% of my Orders, for example, varies from $45 to $170 each, only about 30% of my fiverr clients order a basic $5 gig.

It took me approx.1,5 years to get to this point.

So, it is all about building a reputation and providing high quality services.

It is not about a Fiverr;)


I agree with you in few points. Some of the sellers offering cheap rate work, i believe their work quality also poor. So if the buyer want quality work then obviously they will choose the such seller as like you :slight_smile:

I hope you will active your all the gigs again and help to keep fiverr as high quality and expert’s marketplace :slight_smile:

Best of luck with sales


Well arent you the nifty little american bigot! Marching down here with that minimum wage crap. Calling every other nation cheap and underdeveloped and yours is the one & only mighty nation. Ever occurred to you that it could be the other way around that YOUR nation is too damn expensive ?

Trolling aside and If I have still not made your skin crawl with anger, here’s a friendly advice: Fiverr is not your place to be if you dont offer something out of the ordinary and it is definitely not for people with a steady job OR seeking a steady job.

It is the very nature of Freelancing. To make $100 a day you’d have to be offering something REALLY good. If you dont have that REALLY GOOD stuff, offer something common but with GREAT follow up service and at a REALLY cheap price. Always remember that there is ALWAYS someone who’d do the job you are doing for a lot lesser.

Your entire country is based on the ‘trickle down’ economy, use that day-to-day experience here.


If you’re offering a service for a basic gig that takes an hour to complete, I think you’re the one that’s doing it wrong. If I do my Fiverr job right, I complete 3 to 4 basic gigs an hour - earning 12 to 16 an hour. If people order my fast delivery, I take the same amount of time but make an extra 8 per gig. That’s the REASON I chose the gigs I did - I live in an expensive country and anything else is not worth it. Believe it or not I have other skills as well, but realize that they are pointless to offer on Fiverr because I would never be able to charge enough to make it worth it.

Yeah, sometimes on Fiverr you find people who do ridiculous amounts of work for no price. But if you’re in the US and KNOW what things cost in your country, you clearly went about Fiverr the wrong way. I think the problem is that you didn’t know how to use Fiverr to your advantage, not that Fiverr sucks.


@mjab018- The whole point is to gear what you are willing to do to fit the profit margin.

If it takes you an hour to complete a gig than why on Earth would you even have made the gig?

The idea is to tailor the service to offer to make it worth your time. If it’s not worth the time than simply don’t do it.

For some gigs… like say… mine… The whole idea is to do bulk orders.

It wouldn’t be worth my time to do 1 gig at a time. Ideally, to make more I try and bundle up stacks of 15-20 gigs at once. Post my info and that’s it. One bang, 15-20 gigs and a profit can be made.

I guess the bottom line is… if it’s not worth doing than why make the gig to start with?

What were you expecting? What would happen if you got 15 gigs a day? You would never be able to complete them for a profit.

Love what you do. Do it right. And make sure you “Can” make it worth while on your end. Otherwise… why?


My average per gig is a lot more than $4 right now. Find customers so you can get up to level one and have extras. It sounds like you were offering way too much for a single gig - since you took them down we can’t exactly offer any constructive criticism.

I set up my Fiverr account to do one thing - I wanted to sell Book Trailers. I knew that a regular book trailer couldn’t be made for $5 without me wanting to throw in the towel after a few of them. So instead I set up a very simple template that I could offer to customers. If they submit all the right information, designing the trailer is a matter of copy, paste, insert music, render. I can do two or three in an hour. Sometimes people like the results so much they tip me another gig. So that doubles the price right there. It happens more often than I expected. If they want something fancier, I have extras and they get ordered very often. As I got to know my clientele, I realized there were other skills I had that I could offer as gigs and I do the same thing - scale the service way down to what can actually be done in less than an hour. Underpromise, overdeliver, network with the people you are trying to sell to.

For the record, there are plenty of us providing excellent service, making a reasonable amount of money, and in lots of different kinds of countries. I’m from Pennsylvania. You should put your gigs back up and maybe people can give you tips on how to make them more profitable.


Also, I suggest a real photo of yourself. The one you are using right now looks like a cheap download. People don’t tend to order from you unless your picture looks like it’s really you. If that is a real picture of you, you need a higher quality picture that doesn’t have JPEG artifacts all over it.


Just started around here.

And well, I must say that I agree that you can’t make a $5 gig that takes you an hour… But as I see, most people do it.

For example, a poster design should be done on about one week - some days for the idea and sketches (which is really important) and others for making it. But there are lot of users who offer it for $5. A good publicitary poster should cost about $100 minimum (at least here in Spain, and it is cheap).

So… I agree too that quality work here for those kind of works will be poor. I almost saw gigs which all their works on their gallery where exactly the same, just changing the name of the client, which means all their works are premade. I wouldn’t like to follow that strategy, but well, I respect it.

However, I think Fiverr could work for those little services which already costs $5… Very little things. That’s what I am trying to do.