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Today is the day i gave up selling on Fiverr


Well, let’s face it : working online sucks unless if you own the site !


This works just fine if you set yourself up the right way. If you’re offering crappy quality or offering gigs for $5 that should be priced at $50, you’re in for disappointment. It’s pretty much a common sense kind of thing. If it’s not what you want to do, that’s fine, move on. Not much point blaming the platform, though, if you haven’t approached it in a way that would lead to success.


I’ve been working on fiverr for 3-4 months now and I’m making way more than the little “extra” I had hoped for. It’s not enough to live on, but it’s a great “side hustle” for me. I estimate my $5 gig to take about 15-20 minutes, on average. I wouldn’t do more for that amount of money as I’m in the US and don’t want to do my professional work for minimum wage. My goal is $20-30 an hour, and on many orders I make more than that because people order my extras–all of which are fast and easy to fulfill. I have done excellent work and gotten a good reputation in a very short amount of time. I absolutely love the work, and fiverr makes it so easy to sell, connect, collect payment, etc. As someone who has been running her own business for a while, it’s SUCH a relief to have someone else handle all the “business” stuff and let me do the work. I consider the 20% that fiverr takes well worth it.

But that’s just my story. I bet there are a lot of us making it work like this. If you ever want to come back, rethink how you do it. It is possible to do well here.


I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but the truth is you only have one gig, I had four gigs when I got started. Let’s look at your gig:

"I will 1 permanent Google reviews for $5"

Why only one? You only have one google account? Why not 5 or 10? If you have “Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and currently working on my Masters,” then why not do gigs based on your area of expertise? Maybe MBA advice, business plan feedback, things only a business major would know.

But Google reviews? Come on, anyone can do those. Maybe if you spoke a foreign language or found a way to differentiate yourself, you’d do better. “I will do Google Reviews in German in 3-Days.”


@mjab018 There is no need to be very mad. It seems to me that you’ve had a few deliveries before you gave up. That just means to me that you were doing fine and had a little bit of a flow. Where you went wrong is probably not being up to date with the platform that is offering your service (Fiverr). Fiverr updates there systems, codes, algorithms, etc on a daily basis.

Reading the forums would help you understand how to keep that flow going and even increase the flow of orders. Such as updating your gig’s with the right content that users want to see, or even contact your previous customers and check up on them. Just because you are on Fiverr, it doesn’t mean that you cannot treat it like a actual physical business with top notch customer service. Go above and beyond with your customer service and the work that is being done in your deliveries/orders.

Many people have different strategies on how they use Fiverr. If you used to conduct your business outside of Fiverr, you can use Fiverr to give your potential customers a ‘sneak peak’ at the full measure of your service when you transfer them over to your original website for your business (after they’ve been satisfied with the sneak peak you gave them on Fiverr).

I hope you stay and see the beauty of web platforms (like Fiverr) to increase your sales. Good luck!


Silly seller! Blame yourself, not Fiverr. Any half-ass business person would know how to sell services which are profitable, and if you are spending over an hour to earn $4, you are a terrible business person. It is not Fiverr’s fault that you cannot grasp basic business principles.



I agree with you in every point. Don’t worry about what others say here. You are absolutely right. I have loved working on Fiverr so far, most of my customers were really awesome. I met tons of super nice people… but most of the time I also work way below minimum wage. YES I said it too! BELOW MINIMUM WAGE.

Damn right living in the US is a lot more expensive than living in India. Is this my choice? Nope! Something is just completely off here.

When I see that Indians (and please believe that I am someone who totally embraces cultural differences. I love world citizens with all their differences!) … but when I see that people in India offer translation services into German for 3 dollars an hour that really makes me want to puke. Why you ask?

Someone please explain to me when German became a commonly spoken language in India? Do you all speak German so fluently and fast that you can translate whole books in 2 hours without any mistakes? Is something like that really possible? If it is, I commend you on that. I guess you are just plain brilliant then!

But I seriously doubt that is possible for any human being. Not even for a native speaker. I takes me forever to translate a book. It is a lot of work and I take my work very seriously. But when I see that now I have to compete with people from India who claim to speak MY language… nope we are not speaking of “English” here… I mean GERMAN… my native language… I really have no clue what is going on here. Do they outsource to even cheaper people? Or do they simply use goggle translate or how in the world do they do that? What German speaking person would translate for 3 dollars an hour? You can’t live anywhere this cheap in the Western world… it is just not possible.

Yes I am mad too. I am mad too because I have two completed college degrees, one in Germany and one in the US and currently working on my Masters. I am plenty of smart… yet I have not gotten a single order on Fiverr in over a week. What in the world is going on here?

Where are my orders?


Oh and I just wanted to add… that I have seen translation gigs on here where people offer to translate 1500 words for 1 Gig. !!! They can’t seriously be translating that themselves. It’s impossible. I mean they can but it would take them much longer than one hour. A human being cannot translate 1500 words in one hour unless they use a translating program.

If any of you offer translation services you will understand. Making a silly flyer may only take 10 or 15 minutes. It takes me about almost 2 hours to translate 1,500 words.


Its just amazing how the author of the post was able to create quite a stir and has not even been back to answer any of the comments made. Go figure. :-?


Working for cheap is a beautiful way of advertising your skills and professional networking. That’s the only reason for me to offer my work on Fiverr, I don’t need the money.


Reply to @alw1nl: Agreed! It’s a great way to build my design portfolio as well.


Reply to @craigscott: Drop the mic, walk away! LOL


Reply to @wingrid3r: Good response. I love it


If you are fed up, kindly use all your earning to order my gig and let me keep that in my revenue. :smiley:


well, he’s left already… cause I don’t see him replying comments! :slight_smile:

Good Bye Friend!

Me…am loving my fiverr Business!


Reply to @vainpaper: 22 Fiver Street lol


he wasnt trying hard enough… when I first joined fiverr for the first 3 months I didnt make a single sale.

I was constantly innovating, marketing giving buyers incentives and now Im a level 2.

Quitters never succeed.

mjab018 said: Its not worth selling on because its cheap

Well, didn't you know how you are paid before you start selling on Fiverr? :-/

It is obvious that you give these funny reasons only because you were unsuccessful on Fiverr :))


I have not to much sales here so I’m not worry about because I’m working here not for money I just have a fun here I think fiverr is the great place to have a fun and help others I’m professional graphic artist my salary is much higher than my income with fiver for 9 months :slight_smile: but here I’m happy to help good people to make for them something good and give them chance to do something good for me or for someone else this is my philosophy on fiver I’m just tiring to make things more beauty!


Reply to @wingrid3r: You are correct! I love Fiverr and I don’t need a lot of sales, just good customers who appreciate my work. I earn income outside of Fiverr and this is for fun and to expand my skill set.