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Today Very High online sellers than usual?why?

Hi today i am seeing very huge,100 times more online sellers than usual.why this happens suddenly?

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Because they just fixed the online notification for the rest of us. It has not been working for months except for a few people.


lol , :joy::joy: ok brother

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It’s still broken as hell. I can’t see myself or the other sellers that are online. This just damages sellers that were excluded from whatever they fixed. Good job Fiverr.

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yes i cant see myself online, what to do?

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Did you try clicking “online sellers” in your category? It works finally for me. Hopefully you will have it back soon.

It shows mostly new sellers. None of the old ones. That really rubs me the wrong way.


So you do see online sellers but only new ones?

I see in the ranks that there are lots of new sellers and my gigs are not as visible but at least I’m shown as online.

It does look like they are still trying that old failed model again where they show newer sellers with very few reviews most prominently and not the old reliable ones with lots of reviews as much. I thought they finally gave up on that.


ya i clicked online sellers,and more than 1 hr i ve been online,still no effect on on “Show Online” filter

Now it looks like all sellers are shown, all gigs even ones that are not online when I check the online now check box.

see the small green mark on the last gig? That seller is actually online.
The rest are not.

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It’s really impressive that you found out the changes in an instance. Why do you care about more or fewer sellers staying online btw? :thinking:

I want to be shown online when I am online.

For me it comes and goes, sometimes it shows all gigs and sometimes only the ones that are online. I tried refreshing the page over and over and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Me too. :yum:
Everyone does, and almost everyone experienced the offline bug. Somedays, I continuously refreshed my homepage more than 10 times but nothing happened. It’s really an annoying and frustrating thing to see myself offline while I’m not.

But I’m wondering about OP’s question. Does he really care that much about having more and more sellers online? :joy:

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Actually I can see many sellers who are in the online list are actually not online. Seems like a bug.

When I click show online sellers, my gigs all disappear. Even though I’m online.