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ToDo list bugs

I have had an issue a few times now where I have delivered work, or received a custom offer and the ToDo list prompt never disappears even after I have completed the delivery or denied the offer.

I now have a ToDO list I need to pick through because half of the things on it are not real, and simply refuse to disappear.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of these bugged out notifications? I am seriously sick of all the glitches, its making it hard for me to even use this site.

You will need to contact customer support:

I should say this, just in case: (sorry if it sounds dumb)

Make sure that when you are delivering your order you are actually using the GREEN “Deliver your order” or “Deliver Now” buttons and not just replying in the message window with an attachment, they are two different things. I’ve done that before, then had to re-upload using the green button once i realized I had only replied to a message.

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