TODO or not TODO


Hello Awesome Fiverr Users!

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I received a message from a potential Buyer. I responded quickly. Within a couple of hours I got a message to reply to a message from the Buyer on my TODO page. When I go to my messages, it says there are no massages from this buyer. The TODO message remains. I can not find the Buyers profile to contact them. Has this happened to anyone else? I attempted to notify Fiverr Customer Support and it prompts me to use the resolution tab. There is nothing to resolve nor is there a tab. Might anyone have any advice on how to remove the message?

I wish you all many Gigs today.

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Thank you all.

I have contacted CS and they were super helpful. It’s gone now.

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Thank you Madmoo!


This problem stays here from the very beginning of Fiverr V2; I reported it to CS many times and every time solution was a manual fix to my dashboard…

I think this problem will be our friend, staying close to us, in the next months just like notification bubble (always flashing for me)…

The worst problem now is the continuos login (remember me check doesn’t work most of the times)…



Reply to @mark74: Agreed. I have To-Do list items that don’t show up, or show up and disappear. Gigs that are delivered but the countdown is still ticking away. Delivered gigs that remain on the list of tasks to be completed but show as delivered when you click on them. Messages that I cannot find. No notifications so I cannot tell if past buyers have contacted me - the inbox does not allow you to make a fresh new message to someone, you can only add to past, unrelated messages. Randomly being logged out of Fiverr, etc. Customer support tickets that are unanswered and disappeared.

All the while I am supposed to appreciate their constant self-promotion on Facebook and “parties” in NYC.


Check your email. You should be able to read their message and reply to them from there. That’s what I’ve been doing.