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Told me to upload 200 products but I saw 3500 in the file

The buyer told me to upload 200 products but I saw 3500 in the file. Now how do I explain to him? Or what I should say

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If she wrote 200 products and you both agreed upon 200 products for a price, you upload 200 and let her know if she wishes to continue with the rest 3300 products buying more gigs.


His agreement with me was 200 products. I sent him an offer for 200. After the offer started he gave me 2 files, I saw there are 3500+. Now he says, I have to do everything.This is a very bad experience for me :frowning:

Contact CS and explain the situation.

Say ‘no’.

If they start throwing a fit, then contact Customer Support and politely ask that they cancel the order for you without affecting your stats due to the Buyer attempting to get more out of the order than what was agreed in your contract. (I do hope you did make a proper contract.)


That is terrible. The buyer seems to be trying to manipulate you–please do not give in. Write to Customer Support and ask them to cancel this ridiculous order. I mean, if it were 203 products, fine… but this request of 3300 is impossible and simply stupid.

I would not even offer this buyer a new quotation for 3300 because, given how unreasonable they are, there’s no chance they’d want to buy it at a 15x higher price.

I’m very sad for you–what a waste of your time.



As the ladies say, Offer a paid upgrade to do all 3,500. If they decline that offer, but still insist all 3,500 get done for the agreed 200 price, go straight to CS.

It will mean a cancelled job but better than bending to lowlives like this. They are simply trying it on. Get rid of them now.

Also get rid of anything in your Gig that looks like unlimited revisions, 100% satisfaction or money back as that just draws in thieves like this.

This sucks but once you rise above you are stronger as you recognize the signs next time and walk away hard & fast (even if your knees are shaking).



Stop. Stop RIGHT NOW. DON’T deliver a file, and report this to CS (unless you’re a savage like me and send a troll face right after contacting CS that reads “Nice try you really thought you could scam me”).
If you want it, here it is!

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Usually this kind of buyer will end as bad buyer.
They likely target new seller.

I saw that you are new seller with only 2 reviews.
If you already accept the order…, then remind your buyer politely that you agree for 200 image, while there are 3500 images. Ask your buyer which 200 image from 2500 you should upload.

Remember be very professional.

If your buyer start to harrass you, then ask CS help, hopefully they can help you cancel the order without hurting your performance.

Wish you luck,


Very well idea. I told him to select me 200. He went to the order page and told me why I can’t do his job, I took the job knowing his words. I’m doing everything now, but he’s giving a lot more, he’s given me 9 logos, I don’t know where to put 9 logos, I’m still doing it, I need to use your words. I will go to CS :frowning:

Yes, CS and Cancellation is the only way.

With bad customers you just have to “take it away from them”.


Don’t let the Buyer bully you!

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And this is how “I will be your lawyer for $5” gig began.

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Contact CS. Buyers like that might even end up giving a negative feedback for no reason.

Did a supposed $100 job for only $30. Had more than 10 revisions and buyer gave me 2 stars stating he won’t be using the work, that’s completely useless for him.
After few months, buyer came back again asking me to send a discounted offer as I did the last time for another job. I told him but you disliked my work and he said I might have improved on my editing skills and would like to work with me again. I simply gave him my premium gig and he said is too much and I should offer some discount which I vehemently declined.

Discuss this with CS and ask them to cancel the order for you and then block this buyer, so he can’t order from you again. Buyers like him are taking advantage of new sellers because they are so desperate to get their first order and reviews, they assume that they can get you to do anything, no matter how outrageous the request. Shut them down a.s.a.p.

wow :open_mouth:

yesterday a buyer told me:

“hey I want to make a music video for youtube, 3 minutes long with graphics, etc.”

:smiley: Me: okay it will be $100

:thinking: Buyer: oh but I only have $10

:expressionless: Me: sorry

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Buyer: okay

It’s not just aimed at new sellers either. I got one the other day that wanted me to do a rewrite for him of 6,000 words. I told him the price and delivery times. It was out of his budget, so he said, “what about just the two smaller ones. After counting these two documents, which were supposed to be 2,000 words, I discovered they were over 8,000 words combined. I mentioned this to him as I was telling him the word count was outside of my limitations. He said, " no I meant just the two.” Then I told him that was just the two - excluding the other 4,000 he originally asked for, plus these two articles. He stopped replying to me after that - hmmm?

Wrong answer!

“Ok, I will make a 15 seconds sample for $10 - If you like it, we can proceed when you have $90”


But he wanted well-made graphics … if i had sent that offer, then the graphics for 15 seconds would be very simple and he would surely cancel it …that’s why I didn’t risk it :wink:

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Sorry but not sorry. My answer is always “The service cost is 500$” followed by a block.

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