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Told rude buyer not to order from me. ORDERS ANYWAY

So I was messaging a buyer about his project. He was haggling hard, being kinda rude, and generally giving me a very bad impression. Red flags all over the place. So I told him sorry no - I don’t want to work with you. he responds “Wait…” and then orders anyway!

Now I’m stuck with it - I cannot simply cancel because now that affects my order completion rate yadayadayada,
So I did the order like a good little seller, turns out my feelings were right. The guy is being a pain in the neck. Endless revisions, even ones that differ significantly from his original request. Still being rude and entitled, demanding extras he didn’t pay for etc.
Unbelievable that we cannot do anything about misbehaving buyers like this.


There is one type who deliberately buys from you AFTER you tell them not to. And these turn out to be the worst ever. Entitled, manipulative.
We need to be able to block potential buyers, not just previous ones.

I had one do that and bought 3 gigs from me as soon as I told him/her not to and is pestering me years later still. It’s a big problem. They feel they need to show you they are the boss.


Literally years later? Couldn’t you at least block him at this stage?

It’s such a backwards solution, honestly. Most people I’ve ever needed to block were the potential buyers who by the way tend to be aware of the impact cancellations make on us because they sometimes openly threaten to place the order.

I cancel every time because this behavior just makes me livid but we shouldn’t have to pay for an option to block with our completion rate %.


I don’t like to block previous buyers for any reason but this is probably what I will end up doing.

We have to see the order through to completion no matter what, if we want to maintain our stats. It’s twisted!

I was considering to block a buyer (who liked everything I did for 4 orders in a row and when I refused to do the 5th due to schedule constraints he said he in fact hated everything I did and I was difficult to work with) but I’m glad I didn’t. Because he came back in 2 weeks and demanded another file format he didn’t order initially but claimed he did. I sent it just to get it over with (hopefully).

And if I’d blocked him, he could’ve reported me for not sending all the files (even though I did). Given how CS works these days, who knows what would happen after that.

So yeah, I prefer not to block those who’ve ordered from me in the past. These kinds of people really, REALLY don’t like to be ignored and I’d rather avoid provoking them.


I know, right. People sometimes post screenshots of personal insults they receive from buyers, report them and CS is like: “you should work it out between yourselves”. My jaw drops every time.


Fiverr allows you to block such kind of people in their new update. Just visit their profile you will see an option there

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I see a report button here but nothing about “block”

“Block” appears after you get at least 1 order from that person.

I’ve seen the block button on profiles of people who only messaged a few times before but didn’t order, but not consistently.
And also only sometimes on former buyer’s profiles but not always. No idea if that’s some bug or glitch because it’s still a beta or whatever. I’ve asked about it on a staff thread, I didn’t get a reply yet.

We definitely need the option to block people before they order.

The last person who ordered from me, fully knowing I didn’t want them to, ordered something that did not only have nothing to do with my gigs (and a 24-hr gig too, probably on purpose too, banking on maybe me being too afraid for even 2 strikes, completion and delivered on time perhaps even if CS hadn’t reacted in time) but even was against ToS.

If I could have, I’d have blocked them definitely before they had ordered.

We need those tools. The current system is a big time waster in such cases where we could be our own support and it’s annoying that we need to fear for our rating and gig ranking in such cases until support responds.
Not to speak of actually having them affected for other people’s mistakes or malice.


I had a person like that earlier this year. I just cancelled the order. Too much of a hassle. Ugh.

That’s exactly it. They want to have the upper hand. It’s so petty!

why didn’t you block this users before they ordering? You can do this when red flagging and user

You can do that now? Just flagging/reporting the user will stop them from messaging you but not from placing the order. I haven’t flagged anyone since summer but back then the orders from the buyers I’ve flagged would go through just fine.

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Blocking fails sometimes. I’ve blocked people and then for a day or two still get messages which I ignore. I think the systems lags. I know the phone app and website often are out of sync.

I haven’t done this for a while, but as far as I remember, you could also block the user when flagging their messages. I don’t know if it works this way yet.

I tried reporting an annoying person who was messaging me and nothing happened. They still were able to message me and probably could have ordered if they wanted to.

I asked CS about it and they said it would block them from messaging me but they would still be able to order. I was thinking that might have changed.

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Thankfully you can decline to deliver, and send cancellation requests. Support will help as well if buyer doesn’t want to cancel. (But that will give a penalty to your completion ratio) Then you can also visit the buyer’s profile and hit the block button below their avatar, so they can’t contact you or place more orders. I sent a suggestion to support regarding allowing to block buyers even before they have ordered, if they have sent messages to inbox, which is enough to spot a bad buyer.