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**TONIGHT** - May 23/24 - Planned Maintenance Downtime


Hi everyone. Fiverr will be undergoing another scheduled database maintenance tonight, Tuesday/Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the site will be unavailable starting at the following times:
Wednesday morning 4:30 GMT; 12:30am EDT; Tuesday night 9:30pm PDT

We expect to be offline for no more than an hour and will update you when it’s complete.

If you have Gigs that need to be delivered during this maintenance window, please either delivery them before (surprise and delight your buyers) or contact support and they can work with you on the delivery time.

Thank you in advance for your patience while we tune-up!



@mjensen415 thank you for the information. I just delivered my work that should have taken longer than 15hours in only 42minutes.

I am also wondering if it’s possible that you guys should send messages to the inbox of every buyer and seller so they can get this message immediately and act accordingly.


fingers crossed for Report button -_-


Y’all come back soon, ya hear?! :smile:

On a serious note…

It’s good to know that Support will work with us on the delivery times. I’ll send them a note regarding an order of mine.


If you are a seller I guess you should send your clients/buyers an emergency message as regards the Fiverr update. It feels so good when buyers get early updates from sellers (as I have come to know by experience)


I am hoping that this time Fiverr will work on writing and translation category too.


Thanks for the information. It will be great if in the future, you guys can propagate this information by sending a notification to all fiverr users. Not many use the forum and not all those who use the forum will read this post.


Thanks for the information. Hope…search algo will be updated. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe this is the end of the search algorithm testing? :smiley: Like cleaning up the database so that it properly shows what needs to be shown on each filter? (i.e. showing new gigs under “new arrivals” instead of everywhere)

And yes, as @lindajmauro said, publicly showing a note to all Fiverr & Forum users should be an important to-do, otherwise both the forum & customer support will get flooded with posts/tickets of all horrors!


We can only hope and pray to the Fiverr gods.


thank you for the information


Thanks for you information


okay noted


thank you for information ! looking forward to you, i hope you also fix algorithm


will wait for best services And will wait for lots of work . And also Hope all problem will be solved. :tulip:


We try to give all our users as much info as soon as we can. This one unfortunately won’t be getting a in-service notification. They wanted to do it ASAP, but I pushed for an extra day so that we could at least notify sellers/buyers here and on social media.


Also, to set everyone’s expectation. This is just a back end database update. There will be no noticeable product updates at this time.


Thanks so much for letting us know in advance. It really helps with planning. Good luck on the work!


If you have a 100 or so buyers, how do you send a message to all at the same time? One by one is really impractical.