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Tonight's Fiverr Get-Together in New York City Was Awesome!


To all the Fiverr buyers and sellers, it was a pleasure meeting you tonight at the NYC event. I may throw some gigs your way.

Thanks to the Fiverr staff for opening the door for sellers to voice their opinions. On behalf of all the sellers, it was great to learn how personal the staff and management are.



My son and I had a great time in NYC meeting everyone !!!


I can’t believe I missed this ….Sheriff why didn’t you message me about this. Have been away from the forums over the last couple of weeks bam! It like never buying the lotto ticket when you’ve got all the numbers :((


SUCH a great time!


Can someone fill me in on everything that happened… and the goody bags?! I’d love to hear about it. I was sad to not be able to go, but school is more important at this time :frowning:



We mingled, drank, ate, shook hands, hugged, bragged, shared, applauded, took photos, shot videos, swapped stories.

Goody bags had Fiverr t-shirt, Fiverr stickers, Fiverr cookie and a moleskin planner.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hey Sorry, we could not connect last night. I was trying to make my way over to everyone :wink:






Reply to @voiceoverwork: Very cool!


Reply to @bachas85: Hey Barbara, was your trip back home an enjoyable one?


Check out our latest blog post for details about the event.

We’ve also shared a photo album on our Facebook page.



Thanks @kjblynx! I removed that link :wink:


Hey kjblynx… I didn’t see you from any photos…

By the way… Who ever shot this… S/He’s awesome!!

kjblynx said: I said I was stuck in Michigan, meaning I was unable to attend.

kjblynx said: Ooooooo that sounds like do much fun and some great connections! I, sadly, was stuck in Michigan planning some oral surgery.

I had overlooked that one... :-)