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Too bad some people don't learn


I can 't remember exactly when, I think it was the start of last month or so, there was a new seller asking for help/advice, some of us checked her gigs and realized that all of the images she was using were stolen ones, and we pointed it out, telling her that she needs to remove them and use her own image.

At first she showed no signs of changing them, she snapped back with quite an attitude, I noticed later on she removed certain gigs (or CS removed them), then recreated the same gig using the same stolen image, we pointed it out on the forum, she gave us the attitude, this went on for a while. I remember seeing her gigs being removed/recreated at least 3 times, and each time she used the same stolen logo. I don’t know, maybe she REALLY loved that certain logo. Finally one day, for some reason she suddenly changed her attitude 180, I guess she just wanted us off her back, she told she was sorry, that she loved us, she will be more professional, we were helpful and gave her good advice, we were all so great and a good teacher, stuff like that. I didn’t believe her at all, but still I was hoping she did learn an important lesson. But what the heck, I spent enough time trying to give her decent advice and keeping Fiverr clean, so after that I forgot about her and moved on.

Then last night at work, I wasn’t that busy, I got bored, so I was surfing around Fiverr like I usually do, checking out new/old gigs, looking at sample videos and entertaining myself, then boom. Wow, I see a familiar seller name with a very familiar logo.

OK, so I did say I did not believe her when she said she was sorry and will be more professional, but when I saw the same logo being used again, I sat there for a few minutes…and then decided to report her.

Now it looks like her account has been closed.

I didn’t have that “Ha! Serves you right, that’s what happens when you lie and steal!!” feeling. When I see MY gigs get stolen and report those thieves and they get banned, I usually feel that way, but for her…I think it was more of that “Geez…seriously?” feeling. Was it necessary to report her? Was it my business? Well, yes and no.

Still I felt like this time I had to report her. Duh. OK, time to get back to work.


Haa. I know who you’re talking about.


I gave up reporting most of them because the Fiverr email I have says the mailbox is full and trying to guess which incorrect fields to use on the support forum takes me forever. I am all for helping people and I really do try in my own way, but I have no tolerance for the ones who have attitude and refuse to even be halfway honest. Sorry if it’s brisk, but I’m glad you reported her.


I remember writing in one of the threads that in a very strange way,I actually felt sorry for this person since she seemed like she really had no idea what she was doing was wrong, and she thought she could get away with it. All she wanted to do here was make money, and I get that. If she had been honest and worked hard, she could have been successful here. sigh~.

Well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing people like her again. And yes, if I see someone stealing

other people’s gigs, I’ll report them.


Yep, I remember ‘her’ well, too! In fact, I spent a little time looking for the comment in which ‘she’ said “Eeeerr how cheap you are” to me. I wanted to quote it accurately for a sketch I was inspired to create about it, but the thread was gone and so now I’m left guessing how many "e"s were used. :wink:


Well, this is something quite strange…if strange is the right word.

In another thread I read about someone’s cousin “trying to commit suicide” because her

Fiverr account was closed. Reading through the thread, looking at which country that

person was from, and also looking at the Fiverr name, it made me think maybe it’s the girl I was referring to here.

My initial reaction was facepalm.

Do not get me wrong, if it really was true, I do feel sorry for her, and that girl really needs some help especially if she is at a point where she would harm herself. It was not clearly mentioned what she actually did, did she actually physically hurt herself, or did she scream I want to kill myself with a knife in her hand but not taking it to the next step, I don’t know. I’m just guessing here. To me, that does somewhat explain her behavior on the forum.

…having that said, there is no proof that it is the same person, again it’s just my guess.

IF it is the same person, I hope she recovers, take her time to realize the mistake she made here, and in the future if she does work on more freelancing stuff, she can be more honest.


Reply to @zeus777: We had the same reaction.


Reply to @zeus777: If it’s really a cousin, or if it’s the same person; if it’s a true story or not, there is a real need for mental health support.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

I just hope she gets the helps she needs.

Funny thing is, found another post asking for help, and there it is,

similar name, same country, AGAIN the same logo ( with the color changed slightly) along with another logo that belongs to a designer in Germany.

I keep seeing that same logo over and over again, I guess they are actually related in some way, and that girl really has an obsession with that purple humming bird…


Reply to @zeus777: I want to think it’s just a really obnoxious play for sympathy orders, but it sure does smell like genuine therapy-fodder.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the hummingbird… and heading in the other direction.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

Well the humming bird was definitely the one that got my attention, but there was another logo that I noticed right away, and that’s the one that belongs to the German designer named Mr. Temmen. I left a comment on the other thread asking the copycat guy if he knew Mr.Temmen, and he said he DOES know him, and that they are Facebook friends, and he made it sound like they worked on it together or something along that line. It’s amazing how some people can just come up with BS like that…

I haven’t replied to that comment yet, not sure if I will.

I think playing this whole “How Stupid do you think I am?” game is part of my Fiverr life now :smiley:


BTW, I had the chance to talk with Mr.Temmen (it’s a small world out there in the design/graphic world) and he was quite upset that his image was being used. And no, he does not know that copy cat seller. He wants me to report him so I think I will. I am still wondering if I should give that copycat a warning comment on the other thread before I do so… :-?

zeus777 said: I am still wondering if I should give that copycat a warning comment on the other thread before I do so....
Copycat has been warned literally dozens of times about stealing. If there's no consequence, people like that will never stop. It's obvious that logic, the law, and plain old morals don't carry any weight with Copycat - maybe a hit to the wallet will.

itsyourthing said: maybe a hit to the wallet will.

Very good point. I've reported him. I get the feeling though, I might see the purple humming bird again soon....? :p


Reply to @zeus777:

zeus777 said: I might see the purple humming bird again soon....?
I'd bet on it. Maybe, just maybe, they'll see that creating new accounts and setting up new gigs is more time-consuming than just selling something they can actually do.

There are plenty of sellers who sell customized copies of their own stuff - like I will put your logo in this video or on this picture. That could be an option; they'd only have to come up with one original thing to sell. ;)


Reply to @itsyourthing:

The purple humming bird is back. Wow, that was fast!


You did right. :)>-


Reply to @zeus777: how do you even search for these?


Reply to @kay2809: I was just wondering that! Now I’m hunting for it instead of doing what I should be doing. :smiley:


Reply to @fonthaunt: Right. We all have our priorities set :))