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Too childish

How do do handle people who must not look at your samples at all? I just got a revision request because my work looks to childish.

All my work is childish. It’s even a search term.

But I’ve done the work and I don’t feel like I should have to refund. But I don’t think I should have to completely redraw… in a style not my own, especially as I state it doesn’t include a complete draw in the revision. Do you just redeliver and take the crap feedback?

Send a message saying directly what you have said here to the buyer. Do not back down. If you can say it to us, why not say the exact same thing to the buyer? Yes redeliver. Feedback schmeedback.

I LOVE your work! Your talent speaks for itself. While child-like, it is still sophisticated.
People will see your talented work regardless of any feedback.

Sadly there are people like that on Fiverr. There isn’t really any way to avoid those that don’t read gig descriptions properly.

As MissCrystal said, stand your ground. You’re in the right. Be firm but polite.

I think the people of Fiverr know that there are some dreadful buyers out there, so they aren’t too judgemental of less than perfect feedback, especially when it’s sandwiched between glowing reports.

If the worst happens and you do get bad feedback, CS might remove it. You can also state that the buyer bought without reading your gig. 99% of people on Fiverr will see you were in the right.

It’s not letting me edit my post.

I just wanted to add: I think you deserve to get paid. You’re a great artist, and you kept your end of the deal.

I did. I said, that I’d done the work and could do minor revisions but that my work was what it is. He’s not responded. I guess I should redeliver with a copy and paste.

Thanks to both for your nice words.

Yes just redeliver.

You offer “cute”, and the buyer expects… What, exactly?

With your portfolio, I doubt that a negative review (if it comes to that) would harm your sales, especially if you explain in the response what happened.