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Too few buyers rate our work


Hey about 40% of all my buyers never leave rating/feedback. I even ask after each order is done if they would be kind to leave rating.

I think most non-americans doesn’t understand what the rating system is, or it seem too hard for them to understand they have to press those visual thumbs.

I would like to suggest the Fiverr staff to re-think the way they ask the buyers for feedback.

Am I the only seller thinking this is an issue or how do you guys feel about it?


Buyers don’t even read the gig. They just read the title, order it, demand more for 5$ and sometimes even threaten. They just want to get the work done. Some are good once in a while, they rate the gig and also keep good relation. Buyers on fiverr are lot like buyers in vegetable market, you don’t know who you meet the next moment. I say, just learn the patterns of people and adjust our offerings :slight_smile:


Why would you say non-American? I have one repeat buyer from the US who is not very good at rating the gigs they buy from me, though I remind them.

Depending on your gig it can also be that they want to “test it out” before rating, and then forget to do so.

marsch001 said: Why would you say non-American?

Agreeing with you. Almost all my buyers leave reviews but lately I have quite a number of them including old buyers who forget to leave a review (sometimes, they come back after a long time to leave a review or to actually check their order) and new buyers who don't leave review. I don't really take effort to remind them about it though.


Well just said non-americans as it seem to happen more often with buyers that don’t speak english as their mother tongue.


Reply to @gorrior: people speak English all around the world. If they could make a transaction over here, they should definitely understand English to a certain extent. It is not about the language they speak, it is about their preference or attitude. Some don’t even check Fiverr for two weeks and when they come back they don’t remember to rate the work


Reply to @gorrior: As a non-American myself, and someone who does not speak English as my mother tongue, I can tell you that the rating system? Easy as hell. People don’t have to be fluent in a language to grasp the concept of thumbs up and thumbs down. It’s simply a matter of them not rating the gig, for whatever reason - they don’t care, they forget, they have so many orders going that they don’t even realise that they have missed one or they need to verify with/get yes or no from a third party before they feel that they can rate the gig etc. It has very little to do with not speaking English “well enough”.


I am not agree with you some buyer never because the want to use it after few days, some time the come back after 15 days and leave a bad feedback specially for SEO or social marketing work


Well I don’t know the solution then folks. But I believe we have a little problem here, maybe Fiverr could imply a better system to draw attention to the rating after the work is done? As far I know, buyers get 1 notification under “to do” when they haven’t left a feedback, but it seems to disappear when click on the message and not when they actually review the work.


Feedback isn’t mandatory and while it certainly helps us gain credibility, I don’t think it is a good idea to ask for it.


The only thing you can do is ask the buyer/remind them when you deliver the order that if they are happy with the work, please take a moment to rate the order - maybe even a brief explanation/reminder of the fact that rates from buyers are the only way you are able to show other, potential buyers, what kind of work you provide. It’s usually not malicious that they don’t rate the order (in that case, they’d probably rate thumbs-down) but a simple matter of forgetting. Just be respectful and don’t demand or expect it of them, however much you may want those ratings.


I think a lot of people forget. I even have regular Buyers that don’t always leave feedback for whatever reason. About 60-70% over all do leave feedback for my gigs. I don’t worry about it. I am just happy when they comeback. I always add the statement, “Please let me know what you think.”, to the order to remind them that I am willing to work with them if they need anything changed, as well as a friendly reminder that feedback is appreciated. I would rather that they be happy and return than send feedback. But it is always appreciated.


I always remind them some will some don’t here is one thing i do that works pretty good so far is

"Here you go! Please leave a review and if you ever need

help let me know. Also check out and collect my other gigs.

If you collect my gigs and after your 3rd order you become a vip and always get free 24 hour service no matter how many are in the Q"

I take reall good care of my repeat customers and a lot of them have come back more than i can count.


Reply to @eddycloyd: Having a VIP, where the benefit is 24 hour service is a great idea. Do you find sometimes that you are overwhelmed with orders, depending on how long they take you? Or perhaps you do Fiverr full time? (I hope you don’t mind me asking, even if it’s off topic.)


Reply to @marsch001: actually no because i am full time i was laid off from my job of 21 years. Fiverr has been good to me. for an example most of my buyers who order my word press setup gig know that i will start right away and understand if it is a big job it wont be done in 24 hr. but faster than 6 days. but most of the quick fixes are done in 24 hour or less and requires a lot of Organizing because i have 14 gigs. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Reply to @eddycloyd: It does, thank you. And then it’s especially good that you have such a feature that you offer. I’m sorry to hear that you were laid off, but it’s a good thing you fund Fiverr and that you are able to make some money to hopefully live on (or cover some expenses). I love it when people are able to do that.