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Too funny not to share

So I had a potential buyer message me about writing a western story which was 2500 words long. I gave them a quote and then this happened…

I checked out their profile and they are a seller as well that states in their profile “NO FREE OR CHEAP WORK”. Yet they want a bunch of work done for ten bucks or less.

Crazy folks.


Lays down the rules in no uncertain terms just in case anyone gets any funny ideas.

It’s a real eye opener to be here. That’s why I love my super nice clients so much. We do get odd messages but almost all my clients are great.



There are lots of new seller who try to sell there service only 5$.
Even they don’t have any basic knowledge about what they are doing.
They think earning $$$ is so easy …! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


That hurts my head. I hope the buyers realise that if the prices are super cheap they are not going to get anything original or custom enough to make them happy.


Strange people are out there.


Adults talking with emojis is a dead giveaway that the things can and will go wrong pretty much immediately. Assuming you were contacted by an adult.


I get ladies who send me xx after each message, what’s up with that? :grin:

It’s nice I guess, I’m just not used to it.


Lol! :smile:

I use emojis in the chat box with sellers quite often. I promise you that I’m an adult. Typically, it’s to sellers that I’ve had long term relationships.

Of course, I use smiling or wink and with some sellers, I end with a:

:orange_heart:, G
:purple_heart:, Gina

I also don’t write or talk like the person above. Whoever that was sounds rather young.


I mean, I don’t mind a smiley face or two but when the entire message starts to look like one of those books for preschoolers where they put a picture next to a word so the child memorizes new words better through visual association, it becomes headache-inducing.

Yeah, the second they mention that something is “lit”, you know they’re most likely in their teens/very early twenties.


Yikes! :smiley:

The Seller wrote:

“Nice try no lettuce?” :thinking:

Hmm, maybe he was making a salad or something. :green_salad:

I’m the emoji Queen. :crown: But when dealing with Clients I keep them at bay. I’d toss in a smiley face :slightly_smiling_face: or a :butterfly: but nothing that’s overly excessive. My clients never complained about it, some of them sent emojis like a :coffee: or :clap:t4: and :heart: signifying they loved the work.

However, the Seller in the screenshot message was atrocious to read. Definitely a turn off! :wilted_flower:


Nice try no lettuce?

I use emojis with clients as well, but I usually wait for them to initiate that first. Basically I try to mimic their style of conversation so I don’t look like a complete :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


No lettuce :rofl: They know there’s a :game_die: emoji, right?


That’s me, and a rather mature :older_woman:t2: adult at that!


I had a potential client open up a conversation with me today with

How would you like to rap on my track? I was really hoping to only pay 1/3 of your price and if you can expedite the delivery that would be great.

Of course I replied back with my prices aren’t flexible anything less wouldn’t be worth my time and effort. :eggplant: