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Too Hard To Get Work ON Fiverr

I am working on fiverr for about 1 years, I do mostly MATLAB programming, The problem is that My GIG is unable to get to the top and so there is no work for me, I have a good Ranking and a Good Profile but nothing is working out. I can do nothing but wait

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What exactly is holding you back, lack of motivation, lack of marketing/research skills or what?

This happens. To every seller.

My best tip would be to use the buyer requests section daily. You’ll be surprised on how many people are actually interested in your service.

Now, it might also be that the request for MATLAB works is just during school time (If I’m not mistaken a lot of people are on vacation time now) so that could explain the decrease in costumers.

Finally, always ask yourself how can you enhance your gigs even more. Better gig image or even the description.

I hope this helps! If you have specific questions be sure to mention me.

You are actually doing good. Good ratings, good amount of sales.
Everything will be fine.

You actually have great number of sales. Why you think it’s too hard to get work?

Never put all your eggs in one basket btw, if you know what I mean and you’ll have a peace of mind.

You sound like you lack motivation. Let me inspire you.

check my gig out… hear some dance music :smiley:

I am a music composer and despite being immensely talented, I am not able to get enough orders after my 1st month of success, just cause I am unable to respond to buyer requests due to 2 cancellations! :confused:

That’s what it feels like being inhibited.

Best of luck and wish me the same please

MKG Arts

Yeah, offcourse its too hard for newbei to get orders. But try try again till you succeed. Never loose hope man…!!!

Thanks for your awsome comments.
Actually my gig is low in search so very few buyers reaches me. I am trying to improve my impressions.
And even yesterday I did 50$ worth work in just 15 $. Just because I didn’t wanted the buyer to flee :slight_smile:

omg, I’ve been here for 3 hours, setting up a gig is like defusing a bomb, I’m at 60% right now, but the only things missing are 2 linked accounts and my number !!! I just wanna set up an. account to sell art and. yet I have to complete a form to sell my soul. to the devil ! pleeeeaassseeee make this better, im stuck, frustrated, and at this point want to give up. and find a different site